What Kind of Boy Is Right for You?

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In a world with so many boys and so little time, you, unfortunately, cannot date as many as you would like. It would be nice if humans enjoyed eternal life so that we could date and mate at our leisure, but at some point, we have to become realistic about the kind of boys that are right for us. However, figuring out your exact type can be a real challenge! Should you be trying to obtain an ambitious, competitive lacrosse guy, or is that geeky hottie from Biology 101 your perfect match? Decisions, decisions!

If you're fretting about which species of boy to pursue, stress no longer: this quiz can help! We're going to ask you about your favorite fictional hunks, secret feelings about horses and the most boring thing that a guy can talk about. We also want to know what kind of music you can't stand, whether you were goth in high school and which romantic comedies you relate to. 

Tell us the truth about your romantic history, personal taste and Valentine daydreams, and we'll reveal the sort of guy that can definitely make you happy. Ready for A LOT of boy talk? Let's get quizzing!

What's your current relationship status?

If a guy wants to win you over, what SHOULDN'T he do?

In your opinion, which of these fictional hotties can get it?

What would your ideal boyfriend give you for Valentine's Day?

How do you like guys to dress?

A nerdy guy asks you on a date. You say ... ?

Would you rather your partner have more romantic experience than you do or less romantic experience than you do?

Imagine you're buying a new couch. Which of these options appeals to you the most?

Which musical genre do you hate?

Let's say you have to date a mythological creature. Would you rather date a werewolf, a vampire, a merman or a centaur?

When you were little, were you a horse fan?

The guy you like just broke up with his partner. What do you do?

What's the most boring thing a guy can talk about?

Would you like it if a guy wrote a song for you?

Pretend you're a crew member on "Star Trek." Which role would you fill on the ship?

What should a guy do if he wants to prove he likes you?

Imagine it's ten years from now. You're happily married to this guy and have three children. What are their names?

Every once in a while, you've got to hang out with a bad boy. What kind of bad boys light your fire?

Which high school stereotype were you?

You've had a long week. How do you want to relax with your guy?

Have you ever humiliated yourself for love?

What's your favorite way to save money?

If you were a Disney princess, which one would you be?

In your opinion, which of these rom-coms is the funniest?

If your potential new boyfriend turned out to be a horrible dancer, would that be a deal-breaker?

Which of these celebrity couples is #goals?

Would you rather date a hot guy who worked all the time or a regular-looking guy who was always there for you?

Let's say you're in the market for a new dog. Which one of these pooches would you pick?

Are you confident enough to rock a tiny swimsuit at the beach?

Which of these quotes about love do you relate to the most?

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