What Kind of Attractive Were You in High School?

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High school stereotypes have been around for almost as long as the concept of high school itself. Everyone is familiar with the common ones. There's the nerd who gets good grades and is the object of every teacher's affection, yet constantly has to worry about getting stuffed in a locker (or worse), the jock whose popularity and athletic ability typically fail to translate into the classroom, and the loner who just ... stays alone.

There are dozens more ways to classify high school kids, depending on where and when you went to school. But one of the biggest misconceptions about high school social groups is that only a small number of groups are able to attract romantic attention from the people they are interested in.

That idea couldn't be further from the truth! As the old saying goes, there is a lid for every pot, even if you happen to be a pot who struggles to read social cues. No matter which social group you belong to, there is someone who would definitely swipe right on you. 

It doesn't matter if it's been a few years – or even a few decades – just drop in answers to these 30 questions and we'll tell you what it was about you that made your high school peers swoon!

Academic work is a critical part of high school. What was your attitude toward grades?

Where did you eat lunch when you were in high school?

Career choices are a big reflection of your style - what kind of job do you have now?

Where did you attend college?

How did you do at dating in high school?

We're talking about your attractiveness, but who did you have your own crush on in high school?

What did your teachers think of you in high school?

What kind of music did you listen to in high school?

People grow a lot from their late teens – what would you say has changed the most about you since high school?

We all knew one or two – did you personally ever have to deal with bullies in high school?

A big part of high school is deciding our future. What kind of career did you think you'd have back then?

We often categorize high school students by their extracurricular activities – were you part of any clubs?

How often did you hand in your homework assignments on time?

Let's say you were interested in someone in high school – how would you flirt?

Most people progress a bit in the romance department after high school. Are you currently married?

We're asking about you as a high school kid, but do you have any kids of your own?

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

High school cliques are often divided by activities. At that age, what were you most likely to be doing after school?

How did your parents treat you when you were in high school?

What was the biggest lesson you learned from high school?

High school stereotypes are often seen in performing arts – which of these high school characters are you most like?

Which of these animals do you most identify with?

Most people think differently about high school now than when they were there. How do you view your teenage days, looking back?

While we all have to move on, most people have regrets. What do you regret most about your high school experience?

Do you still live in the same place where you went to high school?

Some say the ties we make in high school bind us forever – how often do you keep in touch with your old high school friends?

What characteristic did you receive the most compliments on in high school?

If you were going to ask someone on a date back in high school, what would you have suggested?

Our foods say a lot about us - what was your favorite thing to eat in high school?

When you were in relationships in high school, how long did they tend to last?

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