What Kind of Girl Are You Most Sexually Compatible With?

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If an alien species were to come to Earth, they'd probably be forgiven if they quickly fell under the impression that most of human life revolves around hooking up. It seems that so much of our culture, from our entertainment to our social interactions to wars we've fought, can all trace their roots back to something to do with sex. Either looking for it, regretting it, or just reflecting on what it means, the various aspects of sex and romance influence pretty much everything we do.

As influential as sex and sexuality are, it's no surprise that we spend a lot of time looking for some ideal mates. We want that person we're going to feel a spark with, a person who can really light our fire, as it were. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what kind of person we really want, though. After all, you're free to be attracted to whomever you like and odds are you find many different kinds of women attractive. But the kind you're most compatible with? The kind you're guaranteed to have a great time with? Well, if you want to know who that is then all you need to do is take the quiz!

Where are you most likely to want to take a first date?

What would you consider a terrible first date?

Do you like a woman who can cook?

When you have some alone time on a weekend, what are you probably going to be doing?

What's your favorite film genre?

Everyone needs to get away sometime. What's your ideal vacation destination?

Are you a fan of one-night stands or not?

If you're looking to meet a woman, what's your go-to method?

Do you prefer a woman to be a little more passive or aggressive when it comes to making the first move?

What are your thoughts on sexting?

What's the best place in the house to get a little frisky?

Is there any place in the great outdoors you'd go to have sex?

Do you have any skills when it comes to dirty talk?

Are you down for wearing any sexy outfits in the bedroom?

You wouldn't ever consider making a sexy home movie, would you?

Would you ever watch a dirty movie with your partner to get you in the mood?

What's the first physical thing you notice about a woman you find attractive?

Any chance you'd use some toys in the bedroom?

When you're out meeting new people, do you consider yourself to be a flirt?

How many sexual partners have you had so far?

Of all the sexual partners you've had, do you regret any of them?

Have you ever had sex with someone before you knew their name?

How many dates is acceptable before you have sex for the first time?

Do you like a partner who suggests trying new things in bed?

How are you when it comes to meeting your partner's family?

What are your thoughts on being in an open relationship?

Is three a crowd or is a threesome worth a try?

Are you prone to jealousy?

Some people eat certain foods to get in the mood. What about you?

Ever had an accident during sex and ended up injuring yourself?

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