What Kind of Girl Are You Drawn To?

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Guys and gals, do you need some help? Time and time again, people have been complaining that either they don't have a type or that they don't know what their type is. Some clueless souls have also dared to say that there aren't different types of girls. So, we're here not only to educate you on the types of girls in the world but also the one you seem to keep going after.

Does the party girl catch your eye? The one who isn't afraid to have fun and be herself in a crowd of people. Or are you more attracted to the cheerleader? The one whose smile brightens up the universe and always looks perfect, even when she cries. Are you team caregiver? The one who will always put you before herself. Or are you into the nerd? The girl who doesn't think she's beautiful, even though she is, and will speak Klingon and watch "Lord of the Rings" with you.

From the looks of things, you really need our help in determining the kind of girl you go for. Maybe then you can change up your game a bit to better snag and keep the girl of your dreams. Oh, and be honest, we won't judge you!

What would you be doing on an average weekend night?

Do you know what an MMORPG is?

What type of book sounds most interesting?

When was the last time you pulled an all nighter partying?

Which is your favorite class?

Which TV show would you watch?

Where would you like to go on vacation?

What freaks you out the most?

Who is your favorite Seinfeld character?

What does DPS stand for?

Who did you send your last text to?

Where do you like to hang out?

What kind of dog would you most like to have?

How do you work out?

When do you tend to go to bed?

Do you like it when someone picks up after you?

Do you tend to miss your girlfriend when she goes away?

What is most important in a girlfriend?

Lately, you have been going out a lot partying, and your girlfriend tells you it isn't cool, what do you do?

How many friends do you tend to hang out with?

You are playing in the pickup basketball game, where is your girlfriend?

What would you be most likely to snack on?

What sport would you watch?

How do you meet women?

What music do you prefer?

Minecraft is...

What gets your morning started right?

What political party do you identify with?

What do you think of rules?

What do you think of marriage?

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