What Kind of Chipotle Burrito Are You Compatible With?

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Chipotle Mexican Grill was founded in 1993 and started out with 16 restaurants, all of which were in Colorado. Did know you know that McDonald's was an original investor in Chipotle? The money allowed the fast-casual dining franchise to go from 16 locations to over 500, now with over 2,000 locations. Known for their taqueria-style menu, founder Steve Ellis fell in love with that style of food and cooking when he was working in San Francisco. 

The menu at Chipotle is vast, with tacos, quesadillas, burritos and their new item: queso, which was welcomed with mixed reviews. They have a variety of meats to choose from, cheeses, salsas, toppings, fillings, accouterments and more! Ordering takes a few minutes and is a step-by-step process down the line to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want. With all of those options, it makes the burrito selection seemingly endless. 

When you think of the food choices you make, do you ever think about why you really make those choices? Is it based on your mood that day, or what you ate the previous day, or something else entirely? No one can really be sure, but if you take this quiz, we will tell you what kind of Chipotle burrito you are compatible with!

What is the best burrito filling?

Do you consider yourself a "basic" person?

When you're looking to add a little flavor to food, what do you reach for?

Is there a side dish that you could eat as an entire meal?

Did you have any unique interests as a kid?

What rice do you want as a blanket for the rest of your fillings in a a burrito?

Will you put queso in your burrito?

What level of spice do you want in your salsa?

Where is closest to the most exotic place you've travelled?

Aside from Chipotle, what other fast-casual restaurants do you fancy?

Have you ever eaten something on a bet?

When you're at a restaurant, do you know what you want to order even before you get there?

What is your favorite meal of the day to eat?

Do you like to cook?

How often do you get takeout?

Is there any food that you could eat every day for the rest of your life?

Do you prefer meat or vegetables?

Have you ever eliminated anything out of your diet for health reasons?

What food that you ate as a child do you not eat anymore?

How important is food to your life?

What is your greatest accomplishment in your life thus far?

Do you have a favorite type of book to read?

If you had to choose between sweet and savory foods, what would you choose?

Can you choose between dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate or bittersweet chocolate?

What is essential road trip food?

At brunch, what is your go-to order?

What country has the best food?

Where do you turn for food recommendations?

Does New York really have the best pizza?

Do you take pictures of the food at the table before anyone can eat?

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