What kind of camp should you send your kids to?

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It's the time of year when the days are longer and the sun is brighter. It's also the time of year to figure out how to stop the kids from turning into couch potatoes! Find out what kind of camp your kids should attend this summer.

Which word would you use to describe your children?

Which Disney film would your kids like most?

Which sport do you play with your kids most often?

What would you do if your child brought home an F on a report card?

Which television channel do your kids watch most?

What breed of dog would your kids like most?

Do you give your kids a lot of chores?

What do your children do that makes you crazy?

What drink do your kids usually have with dinner?

What school subject do your kids like most?

Why are you considering sending your child to camp?

What will you do when your kids are at camp?

Where would you like to take your kids on vacation?

What musical would you take your kids to see?

Which children's story do you like most?

How would your kids feel about spending time on a farm?

Which musical instrument would your child learn the fastest?

Will your children stay overnight at their camp?

What board game do your kids like most?

Which cartoon from your childhood would you like to share with your kids?

How would your friends describe your parenting style?

Which television show is your life with children most like?

What do you hope your child gains at camp?

Which fast-food restaurant do your kids like most?

What do your kids usually have for breakfast?

Which kids' song did you sing to your kids most often?

If you got a call from the principal, what is the first thing you would think?

What life skill do you think is most important for your kids to learn?

Who is your favorite television parent?

What do you and your kids do on a Friday night?

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