What Kind of Animal Are You Before You've Had Your Morning Coffee?

Steven Miller

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Whether you could best be described as moody, clumsy, or completely out of it, we're going to pair you up with an animal that best embodies your pre-coffee self.

Has anyone ever said that they walk on pins and needles around you in the morning?

Have you ever broken something prior to your morning cup of coffee?

How moody are you before the caffeine kicks in?

Is it hard for you to even move before your cup of joe?

Does everything feel like it is in slow-motion before you've had your coffee?

Does it seem like people avoid you until you have a cup of coffee in your hand?

Do you feel like you are sleep-walking prior to having caffeine?

How regularly do you lose your temper first thing in the morning?

Are you cute or intimidating before your cup of joe?

How would you feel if you didn't get your morning coffee?

How clumsy are you when you first get out of bed?

Do you completely forget things people say to you before your coffee?

How regularly do you say things that you later regret before your first sip?

How often do you find yourself still dreaming while you make your way to the coffee pot?

How long after you wake up before you take your first sip of coffee?

Do you drink your first cup of coffee at home, on the way to work or at work?

How many cups of coffee a day do you drink?

Do you have difficulty forming a coherent sentence first thing in the morning?

How tempting is it for you to just go back to bed until you have your first sip of coffee?

How many items in your home no longer work because you used them before your first sip?

Have you set up your kitchen with your morning clumsiness in mind?

How do you think those close to you regard you before your morning caffeine?

How accurate is the word "cuddly" in relation to you before your morning cup of joe?

Do you think those around you are scared of you before you have your caffeine?

Do you have a sign or coffee mug that states no one should talk to you before your coffee?

What's the worst thing you've done because you hadn't had your coffee yet?

How do you feel when there's only decaf?

How big is your usual coffee cup?

Do you ever drink coffee to help you go to sleep?

What's the longest you've ever gone without a cup of coffee since you started drinking it?

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