What Job Would You Have in Westeros?

Brian Whitney

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Welcome to the Seven Kingdoms, a place where it's easy to fit in, but also a place that can swallow you up whole. With wars on every horizon, people are looking for ways to survive what's yet to come. Living in this world is no easy task, and the one thing you'll need to survive is money- unless, of course, you're a White Walker. But for us humans, that money has to be earned one way or another. The question is, how would you earn yours? 

Will you be a blacksmith, Like Gendry Baratheon? You'll need lots of strength and endurance for such a job, especially now that Cersei wants to march on Daenerys' forces. Or would you be a little bird? Your job would be to blend in and to listen to the secrets of those in power.  Or does being a maester appeal to you? You've got to have brains to succeed at this job. Or are your tastes a bit more bloody? Would you work in the queen's guard? We can't tell you which queen, but you'll surely have to be alert at all times. The fate of that monarch's life will rest on your shoulders.

If you want to know what you'd be, all you need to do to find out is to answer our questions as honestly as possible. That's the only way you will know the truth. So will be you be a nobleman, or will you be working under Little Finger's (for lack of a better word) company? Let's find out! 

What do the Lannisters mean to you?

What do your friends describe you as?

Would you want to serve at The Wall?

What type of guy do you think Jon Snow is?

What would you use to defend yourself?

If you played World of Warcraft what would you be?

Why would you fight?

What do you think of Ned Stark?

What is your worst quality?

Would you cheat on your significant other?

What would be a good job for you?

What are you up to on a typical Saturday aftenoon?

Why would Tyrion Lannister like you?

The Hound wants to fight you, do you stand a chance?

Have you ever thought of joining the military?

Do you want to be rich?

Do you like working in a group?

How close are you to your family?

Do you like working with your hands?

What type of bar would you hang out at on a Friday night?

When do you get up in the morning for work?

What was your clique in school?

Would you be a good landscaper?

What keeps you up at night?

What do you consider as a good thing in life?

Do you like flying under the radar?

What would be your favorite drink?

How would you describe dragons?

What type of book would you read?

Are you good at flirting?

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