What Is Your Warrior Spirit Animal?

Teresa McGlothlin

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There are all sorts of spirit animals out there, but only a select few can classify as your warrior spirit animal. While regular spirit animals are the ones that you act most like every day, warrior spirit animals are those that come out when you need to fight for things like your place in line at the grocery store. After you tell us all about your spirit and the way you feel about animals, we'll be able to point out which one shares your abilities to fend for yourself.

When we think of animals warriors, it might be easy to have things like apex predators come to mind. All animals have to paw and claw their way through the wild to survive, though. Do you think your warrior spirit animal is something as ferocious as a great white shark or as savvy as a raccoon? 

As you machete your way through the jungle of our questions, we will match your traits with some of the scrappiest animals we can find. Do you fight for your rights like a honey badger or do you wile your way through the world like a raccoon? Select from the answers you see, and we'll take it from there!

Which of these nocturnal creatures scare you the most?

Would you rather have paws or talons?

If you were a parrot, what would you want to learn to say?

Where would you prefer to migrate in the winter time?

Which animal do you act like when you first wake up?

Did the chicken or the egg come first?

Which nickname are you more likely to give to a pet snake?

Are you at all afraid of geese?

When you think of the sweet side of your spirit, which animal comes to mind?

If you were in a survival situation, which one of these treats would you eat?

Which of these dog breeds makes you feel warm and fuzzy?

If you encountered a water moccasin, what would you do?

Which animal-related phrase sums up your coworkers at lunchtime?

Is your overall spirit tough like a lion or gentle like a lamb?

How do you feel when you see a black cat?

What do you admire most about the octopus?

Which of your qualities makes you most like a monkey?

What do you think cows in a pasture daydream about?

Would you stop to help a turtle cross the road?

Which species of bear do you think is cutest?

Would you rather have a pet alpaca or a pet donkey?

If you were a farmer, what would you raise?

How many pets is too many pets?

Are you more afraid of spiders or of wolves?

If you were a dog, which trick would you learn first?

Which marine animal would you like to be for a day?

Are you as pretty as a flamingo or as handsome as a hedgehog?

Which animal word is your family most like?

If you found a baby bird out of its nest, what would you do?

What's your most favorite thing about frogs?

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