What Is Your Nail Polish Name?

Talin Vartanian

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If you look carefully at a bottle of nail polish, you'll likely find a cute and fun name that matches the color. We're talking about nail polish names like "Amazon Flirt," "The Dark Side," "Snow Bunny" and "Little Miss Sparkle." But some names are a little more mysterious, and it can be hard to tell what the actual color is. Take the color "Year of the Dragon" for example. This color is actually bright red, and we can determine this via the name's context clues. A dragon is associated with the color red because of the fire it breathes, as well as its angry temper.

Here's another nail polish name: "Meet the King." What color would be associated with the word "king?" Probably golden, because this is a royal color that is associated with victory, expensive gold bars and money, right? If you guessed this elegant type of color, then you're 100% correct! But don't worry, because most nail polish names are very easy to associate with a specific color, such as "Pink Smoothie," "Silver Sand" and "Mint Icing." So if you're curious about what your fun nail polish name would be, then take our colorful quiz right now!

Which of these adorable animals should we paint on your nails?

Do you prefer to paint your nails yourself or go to a nail salon?

What's the best word in this list that describes your personality?

If your heart was a type of chocolate, what flavor would it be?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how much do you love glitter in nail polish?

Christmas has come early this year! Which of these festive nail designs would you like on your nails?

How many bottles of nail polish do you currently own?

Which one of these pretty flowers would you like us to paint on your nails?

Whether it's once a week or once a year, we want to know how often you get your nails painted! Which of these is it?

Would you describe your inner soul as more evil, good or somewhere in the middle of these two?

You've got a big party coming up, which means that it's time for you to choose one of these fun nail designs! Which one do you like best?

Let's take you out shopping for some new nail polish! But first, could you tell us what your go-to brand is?

True or false: if you were going on a vacation, you wouldn't be able to leave the house without freshly painted nails.

Do you think that there is such a thing as nails that are too long in length?

One of these Disney princesses matches your inner personality, but which one is it?

Which of these cool professions would you like to transition into?

If you were going to marry the crush of your dreams, what would the theme of your wedding be?

Everyone has a certain sense of style that matches their personality, but what is yours like?

Which of these fancy fragrances would you wear for a fun night out?

Which celebrity do you turn to for some fashion and/or makeup inspiration?

Is it better to paint all of your nails the same color or to paint them all in different colors?

How do you personally feel about jewels or gems on nails?

Do you think that polka dots are too old-fashioned or are they super trendy to you?

It's never too late to choose one of these exotic countries to retire in! Which one would it be?

Would you rather go on a date completely barefoot or with no makeup on?

We heard that your birthday is coming up, so which one of these superpowers would you want as your new present?

If you were going to name a bottle of nail polish, where would you look to for some inspiration?

We know that you can't live without one of these smartphone apps, but which one is it?

Would you describe your inner soul as more of the land, sea or the sky?

You get to change your current name to one of these exotic names! Which one are you going to pick?

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