What is Your Hidden Talent?

Teresa M.

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About This Quiz

Everyone has a talent, but some of us like to keep it to ourselves. Don't be shy! The ability to entertain makes the world happy. What your hidden talent? Find out!

What sort of show might you go out to see?

Why are you shy about your talent?

Which musical would you consider auditioning for next season?

Which celebrity openly practices your talent?

Who do you think is aware of your talent?

How would your friend describe you?

What aspect of your talent is the hardest?

How skilled are you at your talent?

Does your talent require props?

If you were cast in a film, which film would it be?

How creative do you think you are?

What would make you practice your talent in public?

What do you wear when you do your thing?

What class did you most like in high school?

Would you ever be a street performer?

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

What activity would you like to do on a date?

Do you think that everyone has talent?

Would you ever take a class to improve your talent?

Which late night talk show host do you think is most talented?

Which actress do you think is most talented?

Which celebrity would you like to take a lesson from?

Which TV show would you secretly like to go on?

Which "America's Got Talent" judge do you like most?

If you were to try a craft, what would it be?

Which sitcom cast is most talented?

What makes you happy about your talent?

Who do you think is the most talented "The Big Bang Theory" character?

Does your job encourage your talents?

What would your family react if you quit your job to practice your talent?

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