What Is Your Cuteness Level?

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Human attraction is based on a multitude of personality traits. Some are more drawn to good looks while others are more interested in those with a funny personality. But today, we want to explore a personality trait that almost everyone possesses but no one talks about. That's right ... it's your cuteness level! You've got a plethora of cute traits within your soul and we're on a mission to find out more about what they are.

Now you might be thinking, "What if I'm not a cute person?" Some cute traits are more hidden and subtle compared to others, so you don't need to be overly expressive with your cute charm to be perceived as such. In fact, many people consider subtle traits to be more attractive, so if you match this description, then that's something to be proud of! But if you're looking for ways to enhance your cute charm, we've got some tips for you. Although many people perceive the idea of cuteness as someone who looks physically attractive, know that your personality plays a large role as well. As long as you showcase your fun personality with a smile, then other people will certainly believe that you're a cute person! Tell us more about what makes you cute in this adorable quiz!

Would your friends and family use the word "adorable" to describe your personality?

Is your bed filled with teddy bears and plush animals, or does it only have a pillow on it?

If you could match your personality to one of these adorable animals, which one would you pick?

If you were a pony on the TV show, "My Little Pony," what color would your tail be?

In order to determine your cuteness level, we need to know the shape of your eyes. What type of eyes do you have?

You've stumbled across a wild baby Pokemon! Which of these are you going to train as your own?

Let's talk about your smile for a moment. Is it as radiant as the sun, or is it more subtle and mysterious?

Your cuteness level is also determined by the way you dress. What's your sense of style?

Pretend you've just acquired some magical powers. Which of the following spells are you now able to conjure?

What do you think matters more when it comes to cuteness levels, personality or adorable looks?

Whoa! You're now able to transform into a dragon during the evening hours, but will you use your powers for good or evil?

On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the highest), how often do you cry during sad movies?

Do you think you have a sensitive and vulnerable soul, or is it more tough and resilient?

When you become angry or upset, do your friends and family often giggle in amusement?

Do you use your cute looks and charm to get what you want in life, or is that just wrong?​

If your cute personality was a type of weather, which of the following would it resemble the most?

Are you the type of person who feels cuter when you're wearing fashionable clothes, accessories and makeup?

Everyone has at least a few unique facial features. We want to know what some of yours are!

Would you describe yourself as an affectionate person, or do you shy away from hugs and kisses?

Is your personality more wise and intelligent, or is it filled with childlike wonder?

If you could wrap your personality into a type of sweet candy, which of the following would you choose?

It's Wednesday evening and you're feeling pretty bored. Which of these activities will turn your frown upside down?

Let's talk about your eating habits for a moment. Are you more of a picky eater, or do you indulge in anything that's in front of you?

Which of these adorable emojis would you text to a friend who is having a rough day?

Pretend that your crush is being super clingy with you. Would you find this behavior to be more cute or annoying?

Your heart may be bigger than you think! Which of these objects matches the size of your heart?

When you see other couples who are happily in love, which of the following emotions do you feel?

Are you the type of person who would rather make gifts, or buy gifts for your loved ones?

Some people think that Santa Claus doesn't exist. Do you think he's real?

Do you often share your thoughts and feelings with other people, or do you prefer to keep that stuff a secret?

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