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Ahhhh high school, an awkward time between childhood and adulthood. No one knows how to do awkward quite like Jennie and her friends. See how much you remember from this fun-filled show!

Who does Tamara have a crush on?

Ricky! He is played by actor Matthew Fahey

Who gets jealous of Jenna for just hanging out with her friends?

Nothing like a little jealousy in this high school dramedy!

What did Jenna just want Matty to do first?

DTR, which stands for Define The Relationship.

During the “Dead Stacy” play thing, what does Jake do?

What a good time to discuss his feelings.

What does Valerie do on Jenna’s bday?

She is not too bad of a rapper after all!

Who does Jenna first think wrote the letter?

Sadie ends up not having written the letter.

Who tells Jenna that they wrote the letter?

She lies and says it was her, but the mystery of the letter writer lived on!

Who does Jenna lose her virginity to?

Matty! She loses her virginity during summer camp.

Who does Jenna go to the school dance with?

Jake is her date to the school dance!

In the season finale who is revealed to Jenna that really wrote the letter?

After all the back and forth with the letter, it is revealed that her mom was actually the pen behind the letter!

What happens to Tamara and Jake in season 4 episode 2?

They break up! It was about time!

Who does Jenna go to when she wants to find out all about baseball?

Who better to turn to in a time of need!

What is Sadie’s favorite line?

Sadie always says something snarky followed by her infamous line of You’re welcome!

What is Val’s gift to Jenna for her birthday?

A classic coming of age movie.

Why did Sadie break up with her boyfriend?

Definitely what happens when you sleep around!

How did Jenna get in the body cast?

No one wants to be in a body cast! TALK ABOUT AWKWARD!

How did Jenna find out that her mom wrote the letter?

What a mom!

What was Aunt Ally’s nickname for Jenna?

Jenna’s mom’s best friend calls her this all the time!

How is the letter described as?

Nice way to back up a harsh letter!

What does Jenna do to cope with her high school problems?

Jenna’s blog deals with high school peer pressure, relationship troubles, and trying to fit in.

What does Collin encourage Jenna to do?

What a bad influence! She actually broke up with Matty for Collin!

What gang did Ming get into?

She gets involved with the Asian Mafia all to get better grades!

What extracurricular activity did Sadie do in the beginning?

A mean cheerleader? What are the odds?!

Who’s party do Matty, Jenna, Jake and Tamara crash on New Year’s Eve?

They crash the party and it leads to a fairly nice night! Matty makes up with his mom and Jenna finds a new fella to kiss at midnight!

What does Jenna’s dad give her for her 16th birthday?

He gives her a car! Not as nice as it sound as it’s actually a junky car. But hey, maybe it’s the thought that counts right?

Why do Jenna’s parents separate?

The wedding brings back the love they had for each other and they reunite after the wedding.

Why do Jenna’s parents separate?

He was angry that his wife would do such an awful thing and he leaves her.

In which episode does “Jenna Lives” band reunite?

The band reunites and plays on!

What sport did Matty play?

Matty was the typical popular Jock who everyone liked and he didn’t even have to try.

Jenna ends her Friends with Benefits with Matty for who?

After this, Jenna tries to get Matty and Eva together to lessen the awkwardness.

Who does Ricky cheat on Sadie with?

Sadie was devastated to find him cheating with a GUY!

Jenna chooses to stay with Matty instead of going on the summer trip to where?

Jenna chose Matty over Jake and ended up questioning whether or not she made the right decision in staying with Matty rather than going to Europe.

Which actress plays Jenna?

Ashley Rickards stars as Jenna and has also starred in One Tree Hill and an independent drama titled Fly Away

Who is the anonymous reader of Jenna’s blog in season 2?


When Jenna tries to uncover who has the sanctuary tapes, which group does she think knows where it is?

Ming, Jenna’s friend, was involved with the Asian Mafia!

Who was the one to tell Jake about Matty and Jenna’s relationship?

Sadie would do anything to ruin Jenna.

In what year did Awkward air it’s pilot episode?

The show ran for 5 seasons and received several awards!

What was in the letter to Jenna that her mom wrote?

Jenna’s mom was so obsessed with being popular, she sends her a carefrontation letter to “help” Jenna be popular.

Jake is what role in the student government?

Jake is known for being class president and for his smarts and caring personality.

What does Matty discover about his parents mid-series?

Matty discovers he was adopted and that his birth parent’s had him at a very young age.

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