What Is the Zodiac Sign of Your Future Husband?

Sameena Mughal

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Have you ever thought about what is written in your stars? When it comes to love, what do the stars tell you?  Will he be an adventurer who wants to travel the world or will he be happiest at home in front of a warm fire? Will he be shy or the life of the party? Will he be the creative, artistic type or a practical businessman?

Have you thought about the qualities you want in your future husband? Do you want him to be emotional? Then, maybe, a water sign, like a Cancer is for you. Looking for excitement? Then, maybe a go-getter Leo is the one to steal your heart! Perhaps you're the showstopper who needs someone to bring you down to earth. Maybe a Virgo is the Prince Charming you have been waiting for. Do you want an intellectual who you can discuss books and philosophy with and who can open your mind to all kinds of possibilities? Whatever you are looking for, you can probably find it somewhere in the zodiac.  Think about what you want, answer our questions and we'll tell you the zodiac sign of the man who would be king of your dreams! Enjoy!

What's your favorite movie to watch with your soulmate?

What city in the world do you want to see with your significant other?

Sporting event or the ballet? Which one do you want to do with your future spouse?

Is your ideal man fit, a gym rat or a couch potato?

Do you want your future husband to be creative, intellectual, athletic or corporate?

Where do you want to live with your future partner?

What household chores do you want him to handle?

Which musician do you choose?

If you could marry a movie star, who would it be?

What physical feature attracts you first?

What world cuisine do you want to have with him?

What pet do you want in your household?

If forced to choose one, which one: money, luck or love?

What is the go-to junk food you want to indulge in on a date night?

What superhero is most like your ideal man?

What kind of clothes do you want to see your dream man in?

What are you and your significant other doing on a typical weekend?

Who do you gravitate to: hero, villain or sidekick?

What flowers do you prefer for your birthday?

What holiday would be your favorite to celebrate with him?

What is your perfect first date with the man of your dreams?

What song describes your relationship?

What book would you like to read with him?

What movie star couple do you want you and your future husband to be like?

What epic movie would you want to binge watch on a rainy day with him?

How many children do you want?

Which old school game would you rock on couples' game night?

Rollerblading or bike riding?

What's on your bucket list that you want to do with your significant other?

How do you want your future husband to propose to you?

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