What Is the Most Flattering Piercing for You?

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Imagine stepping out of the shower, your clothes for the day laid out, and checking yourself out in the mirror. First, you check for any blemishes (heaven forbid) and then you double check that your clothes are indeed the ones you want to rock. After adding your accessories and putting on your makeup, you groan, hating the way the outfit turned out. You try your hardest to get your look to somehow get to the point that it is somewhat acceptable, but it is an epic fail. Time is running out; you have to be somewhere and eventually, you settle for what you're wearing. Have some faith; you're not alone.

After wracking your brain, you realize that you may need something a little more permanent to pep up your wardrobe. Tattoos are out of the question; that isn't your thing. But a piercing? That may be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It's an ideal way to express yourself. The problem is, there are over 30 piercings in the ear alone. So what's best for you?

Never fear! That's why we are here! We've reviewed several different types of piercings and pulled a few to help you figure it out. Take the quiz to find out which piercing you would totally rock!

Why do you want to get a piercing?

What do you look for when you chose your piercer?

Which of these questions do you think you'd ask your piercer?

What do you think is your most attractive body part?

How much jewelry do you want to buy for your piercing?

How did your parents feel when you told them about your new piercing?

What is one word that you'd use to describe your style?

Would you want to wear dangling earrings with your new piercing?

Would you be able to score a new job while wearing your piercing?

Would you want to wear barbell earrings?

Would you want to have the option to stretch the body part you're getting pierced?

What kind of metal do you want your piercing jewelry to be made out of?

How much money do you want to spend on your new piercing?

Do you already have a piercing?

How common do you want your piercing to be?

If you love your piercing, would you want to get another one on the same body part?

What kind of place do you want to get pierced in?

When it's time to get your piercing, you notice that your piercer isn't wearing latex gloves. What do you do?

If you really wanted to grab someone's attention, maybe an extreme body modification is the answer. Which one of these mods would you get?

Would you want to wear a hoop in your piercing?

How easy do you want to be able to remove your piercing?

As luck would have it, your jewelry breaks while you're out and about. What do you do?

What kind of aftercare do you want to have?

Would you mind if your piercing made it difficult to put clothing on?

Some piercings cause swelling and bruising may occur. If you had to, which of these types of injury would you be willing to take?

How long of a healing time do you want to have?

What kind of hairstyle do you plan to wear to accentuate your new piercing?

If you want to show off your new piercing, what kind of clothing do you plan on wearing?

Sometimes jewelers will make jewelry with logos and other gimmicks. Which of these logos would you wear?

What kind of gemstone would you want to have in your starter jewelry?

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