What Is the Most Flattering Haircut for You Really?

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Feeling uninspired by your 'do? It may be time for a fresh cut, but don't rush into an impulsive change. Remember those bangs you thought would make everything better after a breakup? Or that shockingly short style you just knew would land you your dream job? Before you head to the salon this time, take this quiz to make sure you'll love the result. 

Just like your clothes, makeup and accessories, your hair should reflect your personality. A haircut is an instant way to express your style and put your best face forward to the whole world. So what should your tresses say? Perhaps you're a trendsetter who's inexplicably been saddling yourself with the same boring haircut for years. Or maybe you're constantly active and would be so much happier with a wash-and-go style. 

Step away from the shears for a moment and consider this big decision. You have to take into account your face shape, hair texture and lifestyle. It's crucial that your cut gives you both a confidence boost and suits your daily routine. Picking the right haircut can be overwhelming, but this quiz takes the guesswork out of it. Let's find your most flattering haircut! You're going to love it.

Haircuts can look completely different depending on face shape. So what shape is your face?

People most often compliment you on what?

Tonight you've got a big date. How do you style your hair?

Who's your celebrity hair inspiration?

Would you call yourself high-maintenance?

What type of hair do you naturally have?

Let's rewind the clock. What throwback hairstyle would you bring back?

How much time do you usually spend on your hair every morning?

To 'gram or not to 'gram. How long does it take you to post a selfie after a new haircut?

Which of these personality traits describes you the best?

Tonight you're staying in for a little R&R. What fun DIY hair mask do you try?

Which of these designs would you paint on your nails?

Ideally, you want your hair to smell like ...

You don't mind splurging on which of these hair tools?

It's Monday morning and your alarm didn't go off. Your hair needs to be washed but you don't have time for a shower. What do you do?

Which of these cities gives you style inspiration?

How do you personally feel about bangs?

What hair styling supply do you always have to have on hand?

Which of these gemstones would look pretty on a hair pin?

Yikes, it's one of those days when your hair won't do what you want. What do you do?

What's your biggest hair wish?

What's the current length of your hair?

How much makeup do you wear on special occasions?

Do you believe in washing your hair everyday?

How often do you visit a hair salon?

How about some highlights or lowlights for your hair?

Which of these cosmetology professions do you think you'd excel at?

What's your favorite season in terms of clothing options?

How would you rate your skill level when it comes to hair styling techniques?

Is it more fun to style your hair yourself or get it done at a salon?

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