What Is It About You That Turns People On?

By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

Have you ever wondered why people are attracted to you or what it is about you that turns people on? Well, we can tell what that special something is if you take this quiz.

What do you think people like the most about you?

How physically attractive would you say you are?

How long do your relationships normally last?

What are you like in social settings?

Do people come up to you a lot?

How do you act when someone gives you a compliment?

What are these compliments usually about?

What's your favorite physical asset?

How do you usually dress?

Would you say that you're a flirt?

How often do you reply to people who DM you on social media?

What are you most attracted in others?

When you're out, what drink are you usually nursing?

Do your exes have a lot in common?

Your dream partner is ...

And the best kisses are ...

Where's your fantasy vacation destination?

And where would you like to live?

What's your favorite holiday?

What look do you usually choose for Halloween?

What group did you fit into in high school?

What do your friends come to you for?

If there was an extra hour in the day, what would you do with it?

Which reason would you give for not going out?

How would you spend a night in with your partner?

And what would you want to do for your anniversary?

Are you high maintenance?

What are you most likely to get into trouble with the law for?

How would you get out of trouble?

What's the best part of life?

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