What Internet-Related Mistake are You Going to Regret?

Joshua Laurent

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The Internet may not be the Wild West that it was when everybody was surfing it 20 years ago, but it doesn't mean people are any smarter. We all make mistakes. It's just that they last forever on the Internet. We bet that we can figure out your biggest Internet mistake. Take the quiz and see!

What is your favorite major social media app?

What is your least favorite major social media app?

What is your favorite minor social media app?

What is your least favorite minor social media app?

Which of these do you consider more a website than an app?

Which of these apps is the sketchiest?

Compared to 5 years ago, how much do you use Facebook?

Compared to 3 years ago, how much do you use Twitter?

How often in a day do you use Snapchat?

What are you wearing in the most revealing photo of yourself online?

If you were a parent and found out that your 16-year-old son or daughter had posted a nude selfie, what would you do?

Which site/app do you want to know more about?

Which site/app is the most useful?

What would you say to your friend if you saw they had Tinder on their phone?

Which is the dating site with the best reputation?

What is the first thing you do online in the morning?

What is your favorite streaming service?

Compared to you, what percentage of Americans are more tech savvy?

What percentage of the time that you access the Internet is it through your phone?

Do you spend more time texting or talking on your cell phone?

Which photo app do you use second most?

What do you think of someone who breaks up over text?

Which emoji do you use the most?

What do you stream the most?

What do you think about females who do OOTD videos?

Of the following, which do you use the most to get information?

What is the biggest effect of social media on people who have grown up with it versus older people who haven't?

What do you buy most on Amazon?

What has been your favorite Internet failure?

What's your absolute favorite thing to find online, but you'd never admit publicly?

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