What Heavy Metal Song Is Actually Your Theme Song?

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Whether you're in a bad mood, are having a great day or want to pump yourself up, there's nothing like blasting heavy metal to change your mood. If you're feeling sad, AC/DC can chase away your blues, although if you want to wallow, Danzig is definitely here for you! Whitesnake are experts at finding the joy in pain, while Judas Priest are exactly right for when you're feeling angry and defiant.

In this quiz, we want to help you discover your perfect heavy metal theme song. Are you a Guns N' Roses girl, or is Metallica more your jam? Does the angry rebelliousness of Twisted Sister light your fire, or would you rather rock out with Ozzy Osbourne?

To find your ideal heavy metal bop, we need to know some more information about you. What are your hopes and dreams? Do you have any pet peeves? What makes you fall in love? Through telling us more about who you are, what you want and what your ears crave, we'll be able to figure out the right song for this stage in your life. Along the way, you might just discover some amazing bands. Are you ready? For those about to rock this quiz, we salute you!

Have you ever been in love with the wrong girl or guy?

What kind of manager drives you absolutely nuts?

You're at a wedding. Which of these songs is guaranteed to get you out on the dance floor?

When you were a teen, what's the most rebellious thing you did?

Let's say you're at work right now (not an unlikely hypothesis!) Are you enjoying yourself or would you rather be somewhere else?

You just got dumped by someone you really liked. How are you going to heal your heart?

You're invited to a crazy party in the city. Your friends say it's going to be a wild scene in a warehouse, complete with hard-partying rockers, classic car racing and snakes. Do you go?

What's the best song to blast when you're really angry?

An old wizard offers you your choice of three powers: the power to control lightning, the power to enchant others with your guitar-playing or the power to zoom through the air like a bat. Which power do you pick?

If someone had a big crush on you, what would they have to do to make you fall in love with them?

How would you dress if you were going to a metal concert?

Which of these "misbehaving musician" behaviors sounds the most fun to you?

Be honest: when you were a teen, how often did your parents ground you?

How would you describe your most recent relationship?

Which of these heavy metal lyrics do you relate to the most?

If you could change one thing about American society, what would it be?

What's the most annoying thing another person can do to you?

It's time to pick out a pet that's appropriate for a heavy metal aficionado. What kind of cute but menacing companion will you choose?

Would you rather go camping with Slash, Eddie Van Halen, Tom Morello or Ace Frehley?

Imagine you have your own metal band. Your first album is coming out soon. What's on the cover?

If you could be any famous female rock guitarist for a day, who would you want to be?

In the "November Rain" video, was it cool or dumb when Axl Rose played the piano?

Do you think people are essentially good, essentially bad or a confusing mix of the two?

Think about the heavy metal songs you like most. What are they about?

If society collapsed tomorrow and our world grew to resemble "Mad Max", would you be happy or sad about it?

What's the main adjective that your friends would use to describe you?

Let's say you're shooting your own heavy metal video. What "crazy" things would you force the director to include in it?

Which heavy metal hunk would you totally go on a date with?

If you and your best friend's partner fell in love, what would you do?

A time machine has transported you to 1987 and you can go on tour with any heavy metal band would you'd like. Who's it going to be?

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