What Gun Matches Your Personality?

Zoe Samuel

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People and our creations are peas in a pod. The things we make say a lot about who we are and what our priorities are because they reflect how we spend our most valuable resources, one of which is our time. Some things are created out of unsentimental requirements, while others approach a state described as art. Some really are art. Guns can end up either end of the spectrum. Whether they're designed for military purposes, hunting, home defense, or sporting competitions, some are entirely practical while others are beautiful and some are a mix of both. Each type of gun is reflective of its setting, time period, purpose, and the resources and technology available to the creator of said gun.

There are guns ubiquitous the world over, passed down through the generations, either among hunters, collectors or rebel insurgents. There are guns specifically tuned for competitions, or specific, high-grade ammunition. Some guns exist more as a form of art than for use, with no intent to fire them. There are bleeding edge technology guns, often designed in secret, to aid special operators and make the science-fiction visions of a soldier of the future a possibility. Which gun matches your personality? Take this quiz, and you will know!

What is the most important quality in a tool?

How stressful is your job?

How many firearms do you currently own?

Which of these westerns do you like best?

How often do you pine for a simpler time?

How would you approach taking on a new challenge?

Are you on the career track you want to be on?

How far do you go to succeed?

When did you get your big break?

If you had to buy a dressy hat, what kind would you buy?

How educated are you?

Which of these action movies do you like best?

What kind of pocket knife would you have as part of your every day carry?

When did you first learn to fire a gun?

How do you keep fit?

What is the most distinctive aspect of your sense of personal style?

How often do you obsess over your failures?

What sort of books do you read?

Which of these kinds of food do you like best?

How would you handle crossing a rope bridge over a canyon?

Which sport would you like to try?

How mainstream is your life's passion?

When learning a skill, what do you focus on?

What do you like about religion?

How willing are you to discard aspects of your identity in order to achieve your goals?

How often do you feel envious of your peers?

How do you feel about frequent "advances" in how things are done at your job?

How carefully do you take care of your possessions?

Do you feel you were dealt a fair hand in life?

What sort of guns do you like best?

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