What Great British Institution Should You Work For?

Zoe Samuel

Image: Wiki Commons by Cpl Andy Benson/MOD

About This Quiz

These days, they often tell you that you should find a career that gives you an opportunity to explore your passion. This means that if you love to travel, you are somehow expected to find a reasonably well-paid role at an organization that will send you to exactly your favorite places, on the schedule you love. If you like animals, you’re supposed to be a vet. A foodie? You’re surely destined to be a chef. Of course, for many of us, it can seem simply impossible to combine all of our most-loved items into a single job. If you adore your country, you care about conservation, you have a history of arts degree and you want to make a very steady living, where do you go? If you are a daredevil who wants to spend a period in the military but also has a flair for performing, what are your options? What if you want to be in entertainment but you are terrified of freelancing? Where should the devout monarchists who love to travel the world end up? Surely you will have to give up some part of the dream?

Perhaps you don’t! This quiz has four great British institutions for you that should fulfill all, or nearly all, of your fondest desires, and they’ll pay you for the privilege! Click on through to take a step toward your dream job!

Are you willing to pay years of dues?

How good is your knowledge of Georgian architecture?

Would you move for work?

How artistic a soul are you?

What British achievement makes you feel proud?

How large a team do you like to be on?

Do you aspire to make a lot of money?

How important is job security to you?

What do you think of the queen personally, as opposed to the monarchy as an institution?

Do you speak any languages besides English?

Which of the below is Britain's greatest treasure?

What sort of weather do you enjoy most?

How long do you intend to stay working at a single job?

Do you have a good head for heights?

What is your current political affiliation?

Would you function well in a major city?

How important is name recognition on an international scale?

How predictable do you like your working hours to be?

Do you prefer primarily ongoing work, or project-based work?

Which TV show is the most delightfully British of all?

Do you love to perform for millions of people?

What sight makes you feel most patriotic?

How do you like to get around the UK?

Did you go to the Queen's Golden Jubilee?

Would you mind never owning a home?

Which BBC radio station do you love most?

How important is local news?

At Christmas, do you watch the queen's speech?

In which country would you NOT be willing to live even for your perfect job?

How often do you like to be on the road in a given year?

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