What Gemstone Describes You in Bed?

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There isn't really a decent recorded history of man's use of gemstones because it likely predates any sort of organized society or written history. No doubt our earliest ancestors would sometimes stumble upon beautiful, shiny stones and collect them for no other reason than they were nice to look at. As time went on, they would be turned into jewelry and other such adornments to spruce up appearances and homes. Eventually, once we mastered the art of mining and then cleaning and cutting stones, our ancestors were able to make some amazing things.

However long we've been using stones, we've also been ascribing qualities to them. Every month has a birthstone, for instance. Some people believe stones have powers to heal or bring good fortune. Some of us just like the way they look set into a ring, or even as a large piece of raw stone like those immense amethyst cathedrals. 

Whatever your interests or beliefs, it's safe to say there's likely a stone out there to appeal to just about everyone. They're as diverse as we are, which makes it seem like there's a good chance there's a stone out there that can describe you – your personality, your hopes, even what you're like in the bedroom. Want to find out what that last one might be? Take the quiz!

Have you ever surprised your partner by having the house and yourself ready for a sexy evening alone when they came home?

If you're out and about, how likely are you to tease your partner by doing something sexy, knowing they will have to wait until later to do anything about it?

Would you ever go to see a burlesque show with your partner?

How important to you is spontaneity in a partner?

Have you ever had sex in a sleeping bag?

Rain is either a horrible nuisance or oddly romantic. Would you ever get frisky in the rain?

Movie theaters have a bit of a bad reputation in some circles. Would you ever consider getting a little dirty in the back row of a theater?

Have you ever used an excuse like you had a headache to get out of sex when you really didn't have a headache, you just weren't in the mood?

A lot of foods are considered aphrodisiacs. Which one is your favorite?

Would you ever cancel plans with friends or family to have sex?

Have you ever gotten to know someone online and then when you met in person had sex with them the same day?

Ever had sex with two different people at two different times in the same day?

Are you a fan of the one-night stand?

Is hot tub sex ever a good idea?

Not to get too detailed here, but how long do you typically spend in bed when you're, you know, not sleeping?

If your partner was in another town for the night, do you think you two might have phone sex?

Would you ever consider attending some kind of couples workshop that includes tips on improving your sex life?

If things aren't going the way you want them to go in the middle of an encounter, are you comfortable telling your partner to do something else?

Would you ever surprise your partner with some kind of sexy costume, like a French maid, a cowboy or a cheerleader?

How does sex on the beach make you feel?

If you could get access to the roof of a very tall building, think you might like to have some fun with your partner up there?

Do you ever catch yourself fantasizing about other people while you're having sex?

Has an ex ever tried to get back with you just for sex?

Have you ever had really bad sex that you had to end because it was just no good?

Feel free to be a little arrogant here. Do you think you could teach a class in pleasing others?

Any chance you'd ever head to a nudist resort for a weekend?

If you went to visit family for the holidays with your significant other, would you still have sex in the house will all your family there?

Have you ever gone out of your way to help fulfill one of your partner's fantasies?

Under ideal circumstances, how often would you be having sex?

Have you ever been caught having sex?

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