What "Game of Thrones" Quote Describes Your Love Life?

Bri O.

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Depending on the character, love is a tricky thing in "Game of Thrones." It gets some killed, helps others survive, and motivates many to fight. What's your GoT love life like? Play on to find out!

Are you satisfied with your love life?

Is love a potential vulnerability/weakness?

Has anyone used the people you care about against you?

Have you had any success in finding love?

You'd describe your love life as:

Which "Game of Thrones" relationship inspires you most?

Have you ever fallen in love with someone completely unexpected/against all odds?

Do you have a type?

Are you currently in a relationship?

You think that love...

What's the longest relationship you've had?

What's the shortest relationship you've been in?

Is it possible to love more than one person?

Have you gone through any bad breakups?

Has your love for someone ever motivated you to cross lines you otherwise normally wouldn't?

Does love ever get in the way?

Do you think we get to choose who we love?

Do you believe in practicing monogamy?

Is it possible to fall out of love?

What role does love play in your life?

How many new dates have come and gone in the past year or so?

Have you ever been burned by a former love?

Who's your favorite character?

Have you ever had to make a choice between love and a personal decision/career/etc.?

How old are you?

Are you willing to do anything when it comes to protecting and caring for the people you love?

What's your greatest strength?

Do you have any weaknesses?

Have you ever accidentally hurt someone you love(d)?

Do you believe in the idea of "soul mates?"

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