What 'Free Birds' Character Are You?

Teresa M.

About This Quiz

In 2013, the epic story of time traveling turkeys hit the big screen. Reggie and crew were determined to prevent Thanksgiving in order to save turkeys from their current holiday fates. If you were a 'Free Birds' character, which one would you be? Find out!

Other than turkey, what entree would you serve for Thanksgiving?

What is your least favorite holiday?

What is your favorite holiday candy?

What would you call your group of friend?

What vegetable do you like the most?

Where would you like to spend the holidays?

What bird do you think is the prettiest?

What era would you like to visit?

What type of gravy do you like best?

What are you most thankful for this year?

What would pilgrim name would you choose?

What is your favorite fall color?

What is your favorite holiday pie flavor?

What is your favorite grain?

Who is your favorite holiday figure?

What is your favorite farm animal?

Who will get the drunkest at Thanksgiving dinner?

What holiday food would you cook over an open fire?

What color line would you follow?

Who is your favorite cartoon bird?

What movie rating would you not allow your child to watch?

Who is your favorite actor?

Who if your favorite actress?

What dish will you take to Thanksgiving dinner?

What will you drink with Thanksgiving dinner?

What will you do after Thanksgiving dinner?

Where will you shop on Black Friday?

What gift will you purchase on Cyber Monday?

Who will do most of the holiday cooking?

If you do not attend a home cooked dinner, where would you eat for Thanksgiving?

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