What Food Duo Are You and Your Significant Other?

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Everyone knows peanut butter and jelly go together! When we eat, there are often pairings that we prefer. These food duos go together like they were made for each other. Who doesn't think of bacon and eggs when they think of breakfast? Depending where you're from, chicken and waffles are just as inseparable a pairing. And while some people like to dress up as food pairings for Halloween, some of our relationships are actually like these famous food duos!

Are you and your significant other peanut butter and jelly? Two unlikely squishy people who not only look good, but do good together? Are you guys cookies and milk, a perfect balance of soft and hard, where one helps out where the other is lacking? Are you and your partner like carrots and celery, where two similar people have found that their common interests can also lead to love, romance and happiness? Or are you and the love of your life biscuits and gravy, a classic coupling that can never be wrong and is all the more delicious for it?

If you're curious about finding out which classic food duo you and your partner-in-crime are most like, take a bite out of this quiz! 

What are the two of you most likely to do on vacation?

Would you like to have children?

How do you cheer your significant other up?

If you were a television couple, who would you be?

Do the two of you work out together?

What do you think your partner likes most about you?

Does your partner do anything that makes you crazy?

How often do the two of you argue?

Do you finish each others sentences?

What is your partner's best quality?

Where do you see yourselves in ten years?

What do you do that your partner would like to change?

What do you disagree about most?

Do you get jealous when you see your partner talking to an attractive person?

How do you make important decisions?

Do you have similar tastes in food?

Which animal is your significant other most like in the morning?

How long have you been together?

How would you describe your relationship?

What is your current relationship status?

Do you live with your significant other?

Who is the better cook?

What will the two of you do during your retirement years?

How would you describe your sex life?

Who does most of the household chores?

Which romantic comedy is your relationship most like?

What area of your lives would you like to improve?

How do your parents feel about your significant other?

Which one of you is most likely to bring home a stray animal?

What gift would you surprise your love with?

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