What Flavor Cadbury Egg Are You?

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Since 1963, Cadbury Creme Eggs have been making mouths smile. Over the years, new flavors and sizes have been introduced, inviting more mouths to join the party. Who doesn't enjoy a chocolate egg filled with delicious flavors? If you were a Cadbury Egg, what flavor would you be?

Which flavor of pie would you order for dessert?

What do you love most about Cadbury Eggs?

Will you include a Cadbury Egg in an Easter basket this year?

What filling would you like to see in a Cadbury Egg?

What would you put inside a plastic egg?

What dessert might you take to a potluck?

Which kind of chocolate do you prefer?

Which spring flower do you think is the prettiest?

What is your favorite springtime animal?

Other than a chicken egg, what kind of egg would you like to try?

Which Easter candy do you like most?

Where will you have Easter dinner?

Which Easter time food would you bring to dinner?

What egg dish do you like best?

Will you attend an Easter egg hunt this year?

What is your favorite thing about spring?

Which fruit do you prefer?

Which chocolate-flavored drink do you prefer?

What crunchy filling would you like to have in your Cadbury Egg?

What do you like least about Cadbury Eggs?

What is your favorite springtime activity?

Where would you hide Easter eggs?

Who are you most likely to share a Cadbury Egg with?

What is your favorite Easter time color?

Do you like Peeps?

Which candy bar do you like most?

What non-candy item would you put into an Easter basket?

Where are you most likely to buy a Cadbury Egg?

How will you decorate Easter Eggs?

What homemade candy do you prefer?

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