What Factions Make Up Your Personality?

Brian Whitney

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All of us have complicated personalities, not one of us has only one aspect to themselves. There are a lot of different aspects that make up our personalities. Which make up yours?

How ambitious are you?

Would you run into a burning building to save someone you didn't know?

How often do you laugh?

On a scale of one to 10, how chill are you?

Would you ever cheat on your spouse?

How often do you get into fights?

Would you ever lie to get out of trouble?

Do you do your own thing or follow rules?

Do you fall in love easily?

Do you ever brag about your accomplishments?

Do you often give up on other people?

Do people think you are romantic?

What job suits your personality?

What do you do if you are afraid of something?

What do you do when at a party?

You just got laid off, what do you do?

How long is your current relationship?

Are you good holding babies?

When was the last time you lied?

Ever take a long trip by yourself?

Do you get totally into people really fast?

Do you think you are totally hot?

Would you wait all day for something if you knew it was going to be awesome?

Do you buy romantic presents for no reason?

Would you tell your boss bad things about a coworker if it meant a promotion?

Pick a sport to participate in.

What would be a way you might perform on stage?

Someone just flipped you off in traffic, what do you do?

You just found out your best friend is a spy, what do you do?

Would you ever take in a rescue dog with emotional problems?

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