What Does Your Wedding Band Say About Your Husband?

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The men are normally the ones who do the ring choosing and shopping, even if it takes a bit of prodding from their brides. So what does your guy's choice say about him?

What metal is your ring made out of?

What valuable stone is on your ring?

What kind of setting does the ring have?

What kind of wedding band did you want?

Does your ring and your wedding band match?

Does the ring take lots of maintaining?

What kind of wedding dress did you have?

Who paid for your wedding?

What was the theme of your wedding?

What kind of house did you buy after the wedding?

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Did you fall in love with your husband right away?

Where did you go on your first date?

What's the best thing about your husband?

What is his sense of humor like?

Who makes more money between you and your husband?

It's rude to ask the price of a gift, but how much do you think was spent on your ring?

How did your fiance afford the ring?

Where did he buy your wedding band?

Did he have any help picking the ring out?

If your husband could compare you to any celebrity, which would it be?

Which of these items would he say you can't live without?

Where does your husband prefer to buy groceries?

What kind of sunglasses does your husband normally wear?

What's his sense of style like?

What kind of flowers does he normally get you?

The perfect birthday gifts .....

If your husband could buy a charm that would sum you up perfectly, what would he get?

If your husband had to get a grade for choosing your ring, what would it be?

Are you truly, 100% happy with your ring?

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