What Does Your Taste in TV Shows Say About You?

Lauren Lubas

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We can learn a lot about each other based on what we watch on TV. Just imagine how you feel when you hear someone else talking about the upcoming season of your favorite show. You automatically have a bond with that person, and you may even try to work your way into that conversation. 

The old saying, "You are what you eat," has evolved into "You are what you watch." That doesn't mean you're about to become a serial killer because you're a little obsessed with real crime shows, although anything is possible, and you know that if you watch a lot of real crime shows. However, if the comic relief of "Big Bang Theory" is your jam, or you're way into the tension of "The Walking Dead," you may find your reactions to these shows show up when you aren't watching them. They have become a part of your life and your persona.

Are you ready to be a detective, or do you just constantly need a hug? What you watch on TV can reveal a lot about your personality and who you are. Don't believe us? Answer these questions, and we'll tell you what your taste in TV really says about you.

It's Wednesday, what are you watching?

A new horror show is airing on CBS. Are you watching it?

Which is your favorite CSI?

How do you like to watch TV?

Which genre are you normally attracted to?

What was your favorite season of "American Horror Story?"

For which show would you subscribe to HBO?

Out of these choices, who is your favorite character?

Which is the best voice-over you've ever heard?

What do you learn from the shows that you watch?

Which of these plot lines is most interesting to you?

What kind of main character do you prefer?

What do you prefer to watch on Friday nights?

Which comedy would you rather watch?

If you had to choose a drama to watch, which would it be?

What is your favorite channel?

What Netflix Original Series are you most likely to binge over a weekend?

What do you like about "Handmaid's Tale"?

Which TV show do you wish would just end already?

Which 2019 show are you definitely NOT Watching?

What are you most excited for in TV in 2019?

Are you ready for Game of Thrones to end?

Which show do you wish they'd bring back?

Do you get excited for Shark Week?

What nights do you watch the most TV?

What TV show (old or new) do you recommend to all of your friends?

How do you feel about "Supernatural?"

Do you like "Star Trek: Discovery?"

How would you categorize "The Good Place?"

Which of these would you consider your favorite actor?

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