What Does Your Taste in Trucks Say About Your Taste in Men?

Ian Fortey

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The older we get, the more we make our mark on the world around us. We build up a history of who we are that is represented by not just what we do in life but how we do it. The tools we use to accomplish our goals, the movies, and books that entertain us, the friends we keep and even the food we eat. The vehicles we choose to drive fall right along with everything else in there.

With so many choices, we get to flex our personality quite a bit when we decide on what we like and what we don't. After all, if there were only one truck model to buy, it would say nothing about any of us. But there are literally hundreds to choose from with thousands of options. So refining that perfect truck for you means your heart and soul are in there. Your personality is in there as well. It's a little window into who you are, and that's kind of cool.

While a truck can show us what kind of work you might do, how much time you like to spend on the road, maybe even what kind of family you're in, it can also show off something like what kind of man you're into. Don't believe it? Take the quiz and see!

So what truck manufacturer do you feel makes the best trucks on the road?

A paint job has no effect at all on the way a truck performs and yet it's still super important. What color truck do you want?

Do you need your truck for work?

What are we going to find in the bed of your truck if we look right now?

Does your ideal truck come with a gun rack?

Are you Team Torque or Team Horsepower?

What happens if you get a scratch in your paint job?

Most trucks are automatic these days but not all of them. What's your pleasure?

How many miles are you putting on your truck in the average year?

Do you have anything fun hanging from your rearview mirror?

Any chance you're driving around with a dash cam?

If you're looking to buy a new truck, what would be the biggest thing you take into consideration?

Does anyone ever ride in the bed of your truck?

Any chance you'd ever get a novelty horn on your truck?

When you're on the road by yourself, what are you listening to?

Is anyone allowed to eat food in your truck?

Do you like a truck that starts up smooth and quiet or one that growls to life like an angry beast?

Do you need a truck that can tow things?

Are you buying the premium gas or is regular good enough?

What are you keeping in your glove box?

Are you willing to let your best friend borrow your truck for a weekend if they need it?

How often would you say you creep over the speed limit when you're driving down the highway?

Have the police ever pulled you over?

Do you have any parking tickets?

What color of truck would you never consider buying?

Trucks have been manufactured for nearly a century now. What decade made the best looking vehicles?

If a truck wasn't an option, what kind of vehicle would you be driving?

Everyone has a brand they hate, right? What kind of truck are you avoiding at all costs?

What are your thoughts on running boards?

How often are you washing your truck?

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