What Does Your Taste in Taco Bell Say About You?

Lauren Lubas

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Taco Bell defines its food as "Mexican Inspired." This gives the Tex-Mex restaurant chain the ability to get a little creative with their menu items … and their marketing. While the majority of fast-food chains were attempting to appeal to the health-conscious nation, Taco Bell came out with their "Fourth Meal" campaign. You know … because eating after midnight is super good for you. However, this campaign made the Bell stand out among its competitors. More and more people flocked to the fourth meal and were not let down. 

If you've ever eaten Taco Bell, you know that you can basically order whatever you want, however you want without feeling a single ounce of regret about it. This is because Taco Bell's food is delicious, whether you order something special or you just go with the basics off the menu. And what you like from Taco Bell says quite a bit about you as a person. Whether you need everything doused in nacho cheese or you have a nervous breakdown when they discontinue Lava Sauce, your preferences can define your personality. Don't believe us? Answer these questions, and we'll tell you what your taste in Taco Bell really says about you.

Which protein do you prefer?

How do you make your taco extra?

Which sauce packet do you grab with your order?

Which menu item do you miss the most?

What dessert do you choose with your order?

What's your favorite Taco Bell cheese?

Which of these is closest to a burrito you're going to order?

How much does your average Taco Bell order cost?

Which drink do you order?

How likely are you to say yes when a Taco Bell employee asks you if you want to try a new menu item?

Would you like extra sour cream?

What side do you normally get?

Would you ever eat a Crunchwrap Supreme?

Hard or soft shell tacos?

What do you do when your order is wrong?

How would you make a Gordita better?

Are you adding red sauce?

What were your thoughts when the Quesarito came out?

What do you wish Taco Bell would add to their menu?

Which topper do you NEED on every item you order?

Which of these is your favorite menu item?

What time do you eat Taco Bell?

If your local Taco Bell is out of beef, what do you do?

Do you think Taco Bell should bring back their Chili Cheese burrito?

What would you do if Taco Bell stop serving things with cheese?

Which healthy item would you order?

Which $5 Box are you going to order for lunch?

Cheese Quesadilla, yes or no?

Do you miss green onions as a topper?

Which veggie topper do you always get at Taco Bell?

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