What Does Your Taste in Movies Say About You?

Heather Cahill

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Actors are often best known for certain roles. Someone like Jim Carrey is best known for his hilarious comedic roles, while Anne Hathaway is better known for her more dramatic roles. Your taste in movies can reveal what type of person you are as well! Maybe you're into movies with very dramatic storylines or the horrors that can send chills down your spine. That information alone can reveal a lot about you!

Movies are less than 200 years old, getting their start in the late 1800s. Since then, they've made quite a bit of progress. What started off as small seconds of film that was extremely hard to see, became longer, sometimes even hours of high-quality footage. New technology in animation, special effects and other realms started to emerge and was created thanks to films. Actors and actresses found jobs that they loved and allowed them to be their creative selves. Movies have done quite a lot of good in their short time of being around!

So, there's only one thing left to do. You choose your favorite movies, and we'll do all the rest. Take this quiz to find out what you're really like, based on all your favorite films!

What is your favorite comedy movie?

How about your favorite romance movie?

Do you have a favorite animated movie?

Which dog movie is the best one in your opinion?

Of the following movie sidekicks, who is your favorite?

Who is your favorite leading lady?

Everyone has a favorite Disney movie! What is yours?

What iconic film car is your favorite?

'90s kids just wanted to have fun! What was your favorite movie?

Who is the best movie duo?

Which movie that stars an animal is your favorite?

Out of the following remakes, what movie do you like best?

Which princess movie is your favorite?

Who is your favorite leading man?

The storyline of which of these movies is your favorite?

Any '60s film catch your eye?

Which mystery movie would you choose?

Which action movie is your favorite?

Which of these is your favorite film of the '50s?

Which of these is your favorite drama?

What space film do you love?

Time for the '70s! Which movie do you like most?

Any iconic sports film catch your eye?

Which movie do you wish you were in?

What movie name is your favorite?

Let's go back to the Wild West. Which film was your favorite?

Which biography was the best in your opinion?

So many movies have iconic lines. Which movie line is your favorite?

Which of these stars do you like best?

What '80s movie is the best in your opinion?

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