What can people tell about you from your handwriting?

Jody Mabry

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About This Quiz

Graphology, the study of handwriting, can reveal your deepest secrets! Even when you don't realize it, your handwriting is giving you way. Let's find out what others can learn from the way you write!

What font do you use when using a computer?

What hand do you write with?

What do you write with?

How would you describe your hand’s steadiness?

Do you still write with paper?

How do you write?

What are you most likely to write on?

How many penny-widths wide do you space between words?

Where do you cross your T’s?

Which direction do your letter slant?

How do you space out your sentences?

How do you dot your I’s?

What is your tallest letter?

Do you have a happy personality?

What is your shortest letter?

What decade were you born?

What is your highest level of education?

Are your letters...

When not using pen and paper, how do you write?

Does your handwriting slant?

Which paper do you prefer?

Where do you usually write?

Are your sentence straight on a blank sheet of paper?

How many words can you write per minute?

If you need to label anything, do you:

How many pages can you write before your hand aches?

How hard do you hold your writing utensil?

Do you write the same when you begin as when you end?

How does your handwriting change as you write?

How much bigger are your capital letters then lowercase?

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