What Does Your Friend Group Say About You?

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The friends we decide to hang around can reveal a lot about us. What about your personality is reflected in the friends you choose? Play on to find out!

What role do you play in your friend group?

How often do you see/hang with your friends?

How long have y'all known each other?

Which is your favorite group activity?

How do you resolve conflicts within the group?

Do you play video games together?

How many messages do you send each other on an average day?

Do your friends come to you with their problems?

Which of the following topics are you and your friends most likely to talk about?

How are group decisions made?

Do you all celebrate holidays together?

Does your friend group do anything special for birthdays?

Do you keep secrets from your friends?

How often do people leave or join your friend group?

If you all had to decide on a network to watch, what would it be?

Would you trust your friends with your life?

Do you all ever have "sleepovers?"

Has your friend group survived through many dramas?

How did you all meet?

Do you butt heads with anyone in your friend group?

How often do you and your friends go out "on the town"?

Do you all play any board or card games together?

How does the group respond when a friend is in crisis?

If it's 2 a.m. on a Monday night/Tuesday morning and your car breaks down, would one of your friends be willing to pick you up?

How would your friends describe you?

Do you all take school seriously?

If your friend group were going to take a trip, where would you all go?

Do you feel comfortable farting in front of your friends?

If you were to go on a friend group movie date night, what genre would you most likely see?

Can y'all engage in heated debates with each other?

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