What "Doctor Who" Episode Set in Britain Is Totally Your Life?

Zoe Samuel

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The television show "Doctor Who" has been around since 1963, but it disappeared from the airwaves for many years between the eighth and ninth Doctors. The version of the show best known to most modern viewers is the incarnation of the show that began its run in 2005, with arguably better writing, acting, and special effects. Every story on "Doctor Who" manages to be unique in the "Doctor Who" continuity, and yet ties itself into the overall fabric of the world of the show so each episode fits seamlessly with the others like perfectly carved jigsaw pieces.

One of the reasons the show resonates so strongly with audiences is that we see ourselves in both The Doctor and his (or her) companions, and we feel as though the stories on "Doctor Who" are analogs for our lives. The best science fiction is metaphor, and much of the show is either a metaphor for something in the wider world or at its core it is about the dynamic of a relationship. On "Doctor Who", the constant relationships are those between The Doctor and The Doctor's companions, and the fleeting relationships are with the guest characters who arrive in individual episodes. Like a chemical reaction, these relationships combine to create unique dynamics that draw us in. Do you feel like your life could be an episode of "Doctor Who"? We do. Take this quiz, and we'll tell you which "Doctor Who" episode set in Britain is your life!

Besides "Doctor Who," which show makes you nostalgic?

Which of these foods do you love?

Which character do you identify with the most?

Do you feel like everyone else is living in the past?

If your life was a movie, who'd play you?

What defines intelligence to you?

How suspicious are you of authority figures?

Do the antagonists in your life work in concert for common cause?

How familiar are you with your environment?

How much time do you spend on pursuing entertainment?

How superstitious are you?

How good are you at providing good conversation at a dinner party with people you do not know?

How quickly do you detect that someone is trying to deceive you?

Do you find that meeting your heroes is a disillusioning experience, or does it enhance the way you think of them?

Which of these sorts of people do you think is the most pitiable?

Does it feel like everyone around you is keeping secrets from you?

Do you trust government to do the right thing?

How much do you worry about dangers that are, statistically, unlikely to affect you?

Do you feel like you never get enough time with the people you really care about?

How often do you end up working late?

Do you feel like the smartest person in the room?

Do you feel like you have the tools to deal with the situations in which you find yourself?

How well read are you?

Do you find the people who challenge your goals tend to have the same origins or motives?

In which of these types of stories do you think there is the most truth?

How much do you fret about your problems becoming the problems of others?

How often do you form misconceptions about others' identities?

How do you handle embarrassing health problems when they flare up in front of other people?

What internal factor do you think holds you back?

Are you happy with your life?

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