What Do Your Grocery Shopping Habits Say About Your Personality?

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Are you the kind of person who has a plan of attack, or do you just wing it? Maybe you fall somewhere in between! There is no right or wrong way to do the grocery store shopping, whether you're going to pick up just a few things or get your haul for the entire week. Maybe you started out really enthusiastic and excited about being in control at the food store and not having to ask your mom if you can have things. But eventually that excitement wears off when you realize you're also the one who has to pay for the stuff.

Keep the excitement alive, though! Did you know most grocery stores have a free tasting policy? If you want to taste something, take it to an employee and let them know and they'll open it for you right then and there so you can sample before you buy. How cool is that? If you already know exactly what you're going into the food store for and there's no straying from the list, then keep doing you because you're more organized than most, and that's probably fun for you! See? No wrong way to do the grocery store. 

But what exactly do those food store habits say about you? Take this quiz and find out!

How do you prepare to go to the grocery store?

Do you get everything you need in one go, or do you find yourself having to go back for a few things?

Do you take your own bags with you?

When do you typically go to the store?

Is there a method to your madness?

What section are you hitting up first?

Is there one item you always buy more of than anything else?

Do you only shop on the perimeter, or do you venture into the inside aisles?

How often do you go to the food store hungry?

When you plan the grocery store trip, do you plan out a budget?

Are you a self-checkout kind of person?

Which aisle has the most temptations for you?

How long would you wait in line for lunch meat before giving up?

What are staples that you buy on every grocery store trip?

What do you do if you run into someone you know at the grocery store?

Do you pick up special treats when you go?

How long do you stand in front of a shelf going back and forth between two items?

What if they are out of something that's on your list?

Have you ever forgotten something at the grocery store?

How do you go about loading your bags?

What's your parking lot strategy?

Do you bring coupons with you?

Who do you bring with you, if anyone?

How often do you overspend?

If you can't find something, are you inclined to ask for help or do you just forget about it?

Be honest – do you put your cart back where it belongs?

In an ideal world, how long would you spend in the grocery store in a week?

How long does the food that you buy last?

Do you have a reward or discount card for your main store?

Why do you love or hate the grocery store?

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