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Spartacus orchestrated one of the largest slave revolts in history, which was the inspiration for the television show. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about the show.

What tribe was Spartacus part of?

Spartacus joined the Roman army to fight against tribes that raided his home. However, the Roman army changed their objective and betrayed his trust.

Which Roman commander betrayed Spartacus?

Claudius Glaber enlisted Thracian men like Spartacus to fight with him against tribes allied against Rome. The problem is that Glaber sought glory while Spartacus sought to defend his home.

Who owned the gladiator school where Spartacus ended up?

Spartacus was sent to Lentulus Batiatus to train and compete in the gladiator arena. He quickly became one of the best and most popular gladiators.

How many gladiators did Spartacus defeat in his first fight in the arena?

Spartacus was basically sent to his death when he was pitted against four gladiators in the arena. However, he managed to overcome the odds and became instantly popular among the crowd.

Who trained Spartacus?

Oenomaus was a slave who fought for the House of Batiatus. His reason for fighting was to honor the House. Using this as motivation, he became a champion in the arena.

Who was the wife of Spartacus?

Sura was separated from Spartacus when they were both captured and sold into slavery. Spartacus agreed to fight in the arena if he could be reunited with her.

What title did Crixus hold when Spartacus arrived?

Crixus became a rival to Spartacus as soon as Spartacus arrived. This was partly because of the popularity of Spartacus, although Crixus was the Champion of Capua.

What is a lanista?

A lanista owns gladiators and sees to their care. Quintus Lentulus Batiatus was a lanista in Capua, where Spartacus fought.

Who was the Champion of Capua before Crixus?

Gannicus was the top gladiator in Capua when Crixus arrived. He eventually gained his freedom by competing in the arena. He was the only warrior from Capua to be awarded his freedom.

Who killed Varro?

Spartacus and Varro became close friends after fighting together in the arena. However, Spartacus was forced to kill Varro after a lighthearted exhibition, because of an order passed down to him.

What position did Numerius hold?

Numerius was the son of Titus Calavius, who was a magistrate for Rome. He ordered the death of Varro during the exhibition with Spartacus.

Who killed Numerius?

During the rebellion by the gladiators, Aurelia ended up alone with Numerius, and she questioned him about Varro, who was her late husband. When she found out that he was responsible for Varro's death, she seduced Numerius, then stabbed him in the neck.

Why did Lucretia want to have sex with Crixus?

Lucretia was having trouble getting pregnant by her husband, which was a threat to her marriage since he needed an heir. Therefore, she took Crixus to bed in the hope that he would impregnate her.

Who did Crixus and Spartacus fight against together in the arena?

Crixus and Spartacus were pitted against Theokoles in their first fight in the arena together. They were forced to work together in order to defeat him.

Who seduced Numerius?

Ilithyia developed major disdain for Spartacus. Therefore, she slept with Numerius to get him to do her bidding, by having Spartacus kill his best friend, Varro.

Who did Ilithyia kill?

Licinia saw that Ilithyia had sex with Spartacus and laughed at her for it. Then Licinia threatened to spread the gossip, and Ilithyia went into a violent rage and killed Licinia.

Which of these did NOT drive Quintus Batiatus?

Quintus Batiatus always looked for a way to gain power and increase his position within Roman society. This often meant he had to please other Roman nobles, even if that meant going against his own wishes.

Who was Barca's lover?

Barca and Pietros became close friends over time and eventually became lovers. Barca even wanted to purchase their freedom together. However, Barca died before this could happen.

Who killed Barca?

Batiatus believed Barca lied to him about killing the entire house of Ovidius. However, Batiatus was forced to kill Barca before he could discover the truth.

How did Pietros die?

After the death of Barca, Pietros was bullied by some of the other gladiators. The bullying got so bad that he took his own life.

Was Spartacus reunited with Sura?

Spartacus was finally reunited with his wife, Sura. However, she was mortally wounded and died in his arms.

How did Spartacus kill Gnaeus?

Spartacus found out that Gnaeus raped Pietros. Angry and still grieving the death of his wife, Spartacus attacked Gnaeus and threw him off a cliff.

What position did Solonius hold?

Solonius was another lanista in Capua. Throughout the show, he served as a rival to Batiatus.

Who was blamed for the death of Calavius?

Batiatus kidnapped Calavius and tried to force Calavius to secure him a higher political position. When Calavius refused, Batiatus had him killed and pinned the death on Solonius.

Who killed Solonius?

After Solonius was blamed for the death of Calavius, he was forced to fight in the arena. He was matched against Spartacus, who executed him at the end of the match.

Who did Crixus fall in love with?

Crixus and Naevia started a relationship, but they were forced to keep it a secret. However, when word got out, things started to go badly for both of them.

Why was Crixus whipped?

Crixus found out that Naevia was given to Ashur so he could have sex with her. Enraged, Crixus attacked Ashur, but he was eventually restrained.

How did Batiatus force Glaber to give him patronage?

Batiatus knew that Glaber's wife, Ilithyia, murdered Licinia, so Batiatus threatened to make that information public. This forced Glaber to give in to his demands.

How did Spartacus plan to escape?

Spartacus decided that the time had come to escape. His plan was to kill everyone that stood in the way.

Who was Agron's brother?

Duro was a Germanic fighter who was killed saving his brother, Agron, during the escape. His brother went on to fight beside Spartacus throughout the war.

Where did Crixus find Naevia?

After the escape, Crixus was dead set on finding Naevia. When he found out she was a slave working in the mines, he went to save her.

Who was the wife of Oenomaus?

Lucretia poisoned her father-in-law, who she saw as weak. Sadly, Melitta drank the same wine and died as well. Melitta was the wife of Oenomaus.

Which character was crucified?

Agron was captured after the death of Crixus, when they were trying to sack Rome. After refusing to give up information about Spartacus, Agron was crucified to send a message to the other former slaves.

What city did Crixus want to capture?

Crixus and Spartacus began to view the rebellion differently. This forced the two to split ways. While Spartacus retreated, Crixus left to capture Rome.

Who survived the final Roman attack in the mountains?

After Spartacus was mortally wounded, a few former gladiators gathered around him to hear his final words. Agron was one of them. After the death of Spartacus, he continued his journey beyond the mountains.

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