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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner addressed a poignant topic in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement. How well do you remember this important film? Find out by taking the quiz below.

Where was the first place Joey and her boyfriend stopped after arriving in town?

They stop at Joey's mother's art gallery. Isabel Sanford, who played the maid, went on to become Mrs. Jefferson in the television series The Jeffersons.


What kind of sculpture did John and Joey look at in the gallery?

"One of Hilary's favorites. It's called a kinetic sculpture."


In which city did Guess Who's Coming to Dinner take place?

The summer of 1967, right before the movie's release was known as the "Summer of Love" in San Francisco. Since the 1950s, members of the counterculture such as Beatniks and Hippies had flocked to the city.


Why was Tillie against the relationship?

"Well, I got a right to my opinions, and you want my opinion? I don't care to see a member of my own race getting above hisself."


Which actor portrayed Dr. Prentice?

Sidney Poitier was born in Miami while his parents were on vacation, but he grew up in the Bahamas with them until he was 15. Although he was nominated for numerous awards during his lifetime, he only received two Oscars: one an honorary award for lifetime achievement and the other as Best Actor in Lilies of the Field.


What was the name of the maid that Dr. Prentice made eyes at?

"That's Dorothy. Isn't she a knockout? She helps… during the week."


A picture of which president was on Mr. Drayton's desk?

Although Eleanor Roosevelt was a more active and vocal participant in minority struggles for equal rights, former President Franklin Roosevelt did sign Executive Order 8802 on June 25th, 1941, at the beginning of his third term. This order prohibited discrimination in government employment as well as employment for defense industries.


How long had Joey and John known each other?

"No. That's just it. I only met him myself ten days ago. You wouldn't believe what's happened in just ten days."


Where did John and Joey meet?

During the movie, John tells Matt that Joey thinks all their children will be the President of the United States. Coincidentally, former president Barack Obama's parents met in Hawaii in 1960.


Where were Joey and John planning on getting married?

"And then tomorrow night, he's flying to Geneva to do three month's work for the World Health Organization. And what I intend to do is fly to Geneva next week so that we can be married."


What was Matt going to do but canceled when he discovered what was happening?

Matt was not religious but was playing golf with a priest who had been a family friend for years. Instead, he uses his connections to find out more about Dr. Prentice.


What was the age difference between Joey and John?

"Twenty-three. Well, that's good. You want my opinion? You're 37. That's just the right difference."


Which character did Katherine Hepburn portray?

Katharine Hepburn (May 12, 1907—June 29, 2003) played Christina Drayton, Joey's mother. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress 12 times and won four, including her win for playing Mrs. Drayton in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.


From which school did John graduate?

"Well, he's an important guy. Just the main points: born Los Angeles, 1930, graduated maxima cum laude John Hopkins, '54, assistant professor, Yale Medical School,'55, three years professor, London School of Tropical Medicine, three years assistant director World Health Organization, two textbooks and a list of monographs and medical society honors as long as your arm. Married Elizabeth Bowers, 1955, one son John Wade. Oh, both killed in an accident in 1959."


Who invited Dr. Prentice's parents to dinner?

Joey invited Dr. Prentice's parents to dinner. Although Katherine Houghton was 38-45 years younger than the actors portraying her parents, Sidney Poitier was only 7-13 years younger than the actors portraying his parents.


How much did the long distance phone call John placed cost?

"What's the $2.20?" "He made a call to Los Angeles to his parents. I guess he doesn't bum free telephone calls either."


What was the name of the priest?

Cecil Kellaway (August 22, 1890—February 28, 1973) was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and began acting at the age of 31 in Australia under a contract with J. C. Williamson Ltd. He was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner as well as for his performance in The Luck of the Irish.


For how much money was Hillary supposed to write a check to herself for cashing?

"Then go into the office and make out a check for cash for the sum of $5000. Then carefully, but carefully Hillary, remove absolutely everything that might subsequently remind me that you had ever been there including that yellow thing with the blue bulbs which you have such and affection for."


Who wrote the song Monsignor Ryan sang as he went to "save some souls"?

The Beatles released "We Can Work It Out" October 20, 1965. It spent three weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 pop singles chart in January of 1966.


20. What time was dinner being served?

"But, I am, as it happens, free for dinner." "Oh, please, please come, 7:30. The doctor's family are flying up from Los Angeles."


How did Tillie reply when Joey said, "I've brought you the latest bulletin. Guess who's coming to dinner now?"

When Martin Luther King, Jr., was shot April 4th, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner was still playing in some theaters. As a result, the producers called the theaters and had them cut this line from the movie.


What kind of ice cream did Matt order at the diner?

"Fresh Oregon Boysenberry Sherbet?" "That's it. That's it. I'm sure that's it. Bring me a Fresh Oregon Boysenberry."


Which people supported the couple from the beginning of the dinner party?

The mothers, Mrs. Prentice and Mrs. Drayton, as well as the priest, Monsignor Ryan, sided with the couple from the beginning of the dinner party. When Joey said she would not let Dr. Prentice go even if her father or mother were the governor of Alabama, she was referencing the segregationist, George Wallace, who ran his wife as governor when term limits prevented his reelection.


How much did Matt pay when he crashed into another guy's car?

"How much will it cost to have it repaired? …There's fifty bucks! Don't bother to have it fixed. Buy a new one."


Which actor played Matt?

Spencer Bonaventure Tracy (April 5, 1900—June 10, 1967) married Louise Treadwell in 1923 but grew apart from her and left their home in 1933. As a Catholic, he never got a divorce but carried on several affairs including a 26-year relationship with Katherine Hepburn that ended only with his death. He struggled with alcoholism throughout his life.


What were the names of the friends John and Joey meet for cocktails before dinner?

"Why do you keep trying to dramatize everything? Look, I've told Pete and Judith that we'll meet them for a drink at 5:30."


What was the name of the paper Matt owned?

The San Francisco Bay Guardian was an alternative newspaper with a progressive voice in San Francisco. It was founded by Bruce B. Brugmann in 1966 with the motto to "Print the news and raise…" It became difficult to earn a profit when many of the companies the paper spoke out about refused to advertise in it. It was eventually sold to a media company in 2012 and later became available in an online-only archived format.


How long had the priest known Matt?

"For thirty years, there's been no man I've admired or respected more. You know that, right? And for the first time in all those thirty years, I feel sorry for you."


Where did John and Joey go right after cocktails?

They went to pick up John's parents. Although Guess Who's Coming to Dinner was initially nominated for ten Oscars, it only won Best Actress and Best Writing. It was also nominated for seven Golden Globe Awards.


What did John's dad do for a living?

"Because if you do, well, you may be a big, successful newspaper publisher, and I'm nothing but a pensioned-off mailman, but you are right out of your mind."


In how many states did Mr. Prentice say their marriage would be illegal?

Although it was true while filming that 16 states had laws making Joey and Dr. Prentice's marriage illegal, in Loving vs. Virginia, the Supreme Court ruled miscegenation laws were invalid. The decision took place June 12, 1967, and the movie was first released December 11, 1967.


What, according to Mrs. Prentice, was wrong with old men?

"I believe that men grow old…They forget it all: Forget what true passion is.


What was shown during the final credits?

Although the theme was who was coming to dinner, the dinner itself was never shown.


What mistake did Matt say that John made?

"Where John made his mistake, I think, was attaching so much importance to what her mother and I might think. Because in the final analysis, it doesn't matter..."


In real life, Katherine Hepburn and the actress who played Joey have what relationship?

Katharine Houghton Grant (born March 1945) was Katharine Hepburn's niece in real life. Katharine Hepburn chose not to have children because she felt they were a full-time job and wanted to devote her time to her career.


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