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"Batman and Robin" was the fourth (final) film in the Batman series produced by Warner Brothers. Akiva Goldsman wrote it. How well do you know "Batman and Robin?" Find out by taking this quiz.

What was the name of the new male villain?

"Batman, a new villain has commandeered the Gotham Museum. He's frozen the antiquities wing. He's turned the security guards into blocks of ice. He's calling himself Mr. Freeze."


What kind of vehicle did Robin primarily use?

Robin's bike is the Redbird. It was made from the ground up using carbon fiber and fiberglass.


Finish the quote "I hate when people ______________________."

"Sir! Sir, you have got to see this!" "I hate it when people talk during the movie."


How does Mr. Freeze escape the museum?

The Freezemobile was actually nine feet high and 26 feet long. It was primarily constructed of foam, plywood and fiberglass.


What did Batman, Robin, and Mr. Freeze land in after their space adventure?

"He's freezing the furnace. I got him."


Who played Mr. Freeze?

Arnold Schwarzenegger (born July 30, 1947) was the youngest Mr. Universe (given the title at age 20). He struggled making the transition from bodybuilding to acting and was not successful until he starred in "Conan the Barbarian" (1982).


How many minutes did Batman have to get Robin out of ice?

"Can you be cold, Batman? You have 11 minutes to thaw the bird. What will you do? Chase the villain or save him?"


Dr. Jason Woodrue created what killing machine in front of members of the un-United Nations?

Bane was known as "The Man Who Broke the Bat" in the comics because he broke Batman's back. He first appeared in January 1993.


Dr. Pamela Isley wants to do what to help plants?

"…I still have high hopes for animal-plant crossbreadings. If I can only find the right dose of venom, these plants will be able to fight back like animals.


What did Mr. Freeze need to power his freeze suit and freezing engines?

Mr. Freeze's "diamond powered" suit was handmade out of aluminum sheets. It contained 2,500 LEDs to light it.


How is Barbara Wilson related to Alfred?

"Barbara is the daughter of my dear sister, Margaret… Secrets are a virtual prerequisite in this house."


What did Bruce Wayne announce he was donating to Gotham at the Gotham Observatory?

The Gotham Observatory stood 75 feet high. San Diego's Palomar Observatory inspired it.


What did Dr. Isley give to Bruce Wayne at the Observatory dedication?

"I have here a proposal showing how Wayne Enterprises can immediately cease all actions that toxify our environment. Forget the stars. Look here at the earth—our mother, our womb."


How much is the final bid Batman makes on Poison Ivy?

The writer wanted to show the conflict between Batman losing family- Alfred- and gaining family- Robin and Batgirl. The comfort of gaining new family also comes with the risk of losing them (such as when Batman seems overprotective of Robin). He tried to build on these themes to create dramatic tension.


What did Poison Ivy do to Mr. Freeze that didn't work?

"Pheromone dust designed to heat a man's blood. It doesn't work on the cold-hearted."


Which actor was Batman?

George Clooney (born May 6, 1961) only played Batman once in the series — in "Batman and Robin." His most commercially successful movie was "Ocean's Eleven" (2001), the remake of the popular Rat Pack movie from the 1960s.


Who caught Barbara on the motorcycle?

It took five soundstages to create the city. The 300-foot long bridge was built in the old San Pedro, CA, Todd Shipyards.


Where did Barbara go when she stole the motorcycle for the night?

"But it doesn't matter cause I've already won all the money I need to do what I've always dreamed."


How did Mr. Freeze, Bane, and Poison Ivy get out of the prison cell?

The Gotham Museum of Natural History took five months to build. They tried to keep everything in the style of art nouveau meets Russian Constructivists.


Why did Barbara want to earn money from racing?

"Alfred has supported me my whole life, and I'm going to pay him back. I'm going to take him away from this dismal life of servitude."


What did Poison Ivy do with Mr. Freeze's wife?

There were nearly 450 visual effects shots, which was 150 more than what had been used in "Batman Forever." John Dykstra used computer-generated imagery, motion capture, miniatures, green screen and stereopsis to help make the Batman world.


What disease did Alfred have?

"It's stage one of Macgregor's Syndrome. I'm sorry. All we can do is make him comfortable."


Alicia Silverstone played which character?

Alicia Silverstone (born October 4, 1976) played Barbara Wilson, a. k. a. Batgirl. She is a noted animal rights activist and vegan. Her book, "The Kind Diet," discusses vegan nutrition.


Why didn't Ivy kiss commissioner Gordon?

"But you probably don't have access … On second thought, you're way too old for me."


What was Alfred's password?

A skilled hacker who can use a dictionary attack (because the password is in the dictionary) can crack more than 2,000 passwords per minute. Since "Peg" is only three letters, it would have been easy for anyone to break into the secured disk.


Why didn't Robin die from Poison Ivy's kiss?

"I hate to disappoint you, but rubber lips are immune to your charms."


What did Mr. Freeze need to make his ice machine freeze all of Gotham?

"The combined power of the telescope's reflecting crystals will complete my freezing engine … Hi! Oh, I'm sorry about the door."


How are they first going to thaw the city?

"If we could relay the sunlight—" "—From the other side of the equator—" "—it will take the satellites about a minute to realign…"


How do Robin and Batgirl stop Bane?

Disconnect his juice.


Why did they have to come up with a second plan for thawing the city?

"The satellites could be positioned to thaw the city directly, but that would take a computer genius."


What persona did Barbara take on?

Batgirl was originally introduced in 1961 as Batwoman's daughter in the comic books. In 1966, the person behind Batgirl's mask was Commissioner Gordon's daughter.


What happened to Mr. Freeze's wife?

"But she's not dead. We found her, restored her. She's still frozen alive waiting for you to find a cure."


How is Alfred healed?

Out of all the villains in "Batman and Robin," Mr. Freeze is the only one who had been previously played by a live actor. His change of heart at the end of the movie saves Alfred because he gives up the cure without a fight.


What happened to Poison Ivy?

Uma Karuna Thurman (born April 29, 1970) began her career as a model, making the covers of Glamour and Vogue. She became Quentin Tarintino's protégé and appeared in "Pulp Fiction," as well as the "Kill Bill" series.


Who was Alfred's brother's name?

"I'm trying to find my brother, your Uncle Wilfred. He's first butler to the Maharajah of Miranjapore."


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