What Do You Remember about the film, “A Streetcar Named Desire”?

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"A Streetcar Named Desire" is a pioneering film in Hollywood history for many reasons. The iconic lines, the intriguing characters, and the tension-filled storylines are but a few of the reasons why this movie is hailed as a classic. Think you can handle discovering the ins and outs of this film ride? Then take the quiz and find out!

Which iconic Hollywood leading man starred in "A Streetcar Named Desire"?

Marlon Brando's iconic portrayal of Stanley Kowalski etched him on Hollywood's golden wall. Incidentally, he also started a fashion fad of wearing a t-shirt as outerwear.

Who portrayed the disturbed but charming character of Blanche DuBois?

Vivien Leigh played opposite Marlon Brando in this film. Blanche DuBois is a character that's very identified with her.

The most famous scene of this film is when Stanley Kowalski shouted this iconic line. What did he say?

Marlon Brando as Stanley shouting "Hey Stella!" is one of the most iconic quotes and scenes in cinematic history. A simple scene can give a big impression.

Who is Stella in Stanley Kowalski’s life?

Stella is Stanley Kowalski's wife. Kim Hunter portrayed her in the film.

Who is Stella in Blanche DuBois’ life?

Blanche and Stella are sisters. But when Stella chose to leave the family estate, she changed the status of her life.

In which city does the film’s story take place?

The story takes place in New Orleans. Specifically, the drama is confined within the French Quarter where the Kowalskis live.

Which of the characters actually rode a streetcar named Desire?

Blanche DuBois is seen asking people directions at the beginning of the film. She was instructed to ride this streetcar named Desire, which would take her to her intended destination. What a metaphor!

Where is Blanche originally from?

Blanche is originally from Mississippi. And so is her sister, Stella.

Blanche’s most famous quote in the film is “I've always depended on the kindness of___.” What kind of people did Blanche depend on?

“I've always depended on the kindness of strangers.” This is Blanche's declaration towards the end.

Before "A Streetcar Named Desire" became a film, it was first performed as what?

"A Streetcar Named Desire" is originally a stage play written by Tennessee Williams. The play won the Pulitzer Prize.

Blanche and Stella apparently came from a family with this kind of financial status. What status is this?

Blanche and Stella belong to the old rich of the Deep South. However, their luck kind of runs out later on.

What is the name of Blanche and Stella’s huge family estate?

Belle Reve is the DuBois estate down south. It's one of those plantation estates in the area.

Since Blanche is originally from an upper crust family in Mississippi, what is the term used to describe women from this region and of that stature?

A Southern belle is a term used for a woman who is charming and upholds a highly respectable stature in the Deep South. But what if someone like that defies the description? Enter Blanche!

Meanwhile, Stanley belongs to this classification of low-paying workers. What’s it called?

Stanley is a blue collar worker in the film. He belongs to the working class.

Before ending up as a working class citizen, Stanley served his country by doing this.

In a conversation, Stanley revealed that he previously served in the army. He held the rank of master sergeant in the military.

What eventually happened to Belle Reve?

The DuBois family lost Belle Reve to debt. Since Stella wasn't around and Blanche somewhat mismanaged their inheritance rights, it all went south, fast.

Why did Blanche visit Stella in New Orleans?

Blanche had all her luggage transported to the Kowalski's tiny apartment. Apparently, she would be living there.

Yes or no: Prior to arriving in New Orleans, did Stanley know that Blanche would live with them?

Stanley didn't know that Stella plans to live with them in the apartment. Of course, this news was news to him, and it didn't fly well...

When the DuBois family lost their Mississippi estate, where did Blanche temporarily live, prior to ending up in New Orleans?

Since Blanche lost Belle Reve, she ended up staying at Hotel Flamingo. But apparently, it had a seedy reputation...

What job did Blanche have prior to losing Belle Reve?

Blanche used to be a teacher. She was teaching at the high school level.

Stella’s secret #1: What was Stella’s current health state, which she told Blanche not to tell Stanley?

Stella is apparently pregnant with Stanley's child. But she doesn't want to reveal it yet.

Stella’s secret #2: What was Blanche’s former marital status which she told Stanley in secret, but warned him not to bring it up with her?

Blanche was formerly married. But why she wants this a secret, only Stella knows.

What subject did Blanche teach as a high school teacher?

Blanche was an English teacher. She also taught English literature.

What kind of accessories did Blanche bring with her to New Orleans?

Stanley found out that Blanche had lots of pearls and rhinestones. Why a teacher would have so much jewelry was suspicious to him.

Aside from her jewelry, what expensive items did Blanche also bring with her to New Orleans?

Another suspicious collection of Blanche's is her fur coat collection. Expensive for a teacher's salary, as Stanley pointed out.

Aside from her lavish personal belongings and effects, Blanche brings these documents with sentimental value wherever she goes. What are they?

Blanche brings a bunch of love letters containing “poems a dead boy wrote” to her, she says. The Southern belle is a romantic and a sentimental person indeed.

Yes or no: Did Blanche lose her teaching job because she quit?

Blanche was apparently fired from her teaching job. It's because of her improper conduct with a student.

Why do Stanley’s male friends go to his apartment weekly?

Stanley's male friends come over to play their weekly poker game. It's a good enough diversion to calm the usually hotheaded Stanley.

One of Stanley’s male friends, Mitch, was smitten with Blanche during poker night. Unlike the brute and uncouth Stanley, Mitch behaved in this manner around Blanche.

Mitch was a true gentlemen who matched the Southern belle's charms. That's why they were later smitten with each other.

What did a drunken Stanley do to Stella when they had a fight during Stanley’s poker night?

In a fit of drunken macho rage, Stanley ended up punching Stella. That caused her to storm out of there and stay at her neighbor's place for protection.

Yes or no: Is Stanley's abusive behavior towards his wife Stella okay with his poker friends?

Stanley's friends are not as toxic as he is regarding his masculinity. They don't approve of this kind of abusive behavior towards Stella, so they took on Stanley and dragged him to cool off under the shower.

Stanley wonders about Blanche’s real reputation behind her charming Southern belle façade. What did he and Mitch unearth about her past in Hotel Flamingo?

Mitch and Stanley made a few calls to unearth Stella's reputation in Hotel Flamingo. Apparently, the people there thought of her as a "woman of loose morals" since she brought over a different john every night, suggesting that she was a prostitute.

Why did Stanley want to reveal Blanche’s dirty past to his friend Mitch?

Stanley doesn't want Mitch to rush into marrying Blanche. Ample time and research on her sketchy background had to be done first.

When her past finally caught up with her, no thanks to Stanley’s investigations of her secrets, what happened to Blanche?

Blanche DuBois' slowly manifesting mental breakdown was the acting highlight of this role. Vivien Leigh portrayed it brilliantly on film, the way she first did in the London stage production of the play version.

When Blanche was starting to have a mental breakdown, she heard a flower vendor woman on the streets saying “Flores para los muertos.” What language was that woman speaking?

“Flores para los muertos” is Spanish for "flowers for the dead." It's a nice symbolic touch from the playwright which director Elia Kazan highlighted in the film.

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