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"Miracle on 34th Street" is a delightful dramatic comedy, set around Christmas but billed as a movie for any season. How well do you remember "Miracle on 34th Street"? Find out by taking the quiz below.

What did Kris say to the manager who was arranging the reindeer in the shop window?

"…You're making a rather serious mistake… with the reindeer, I mean. You've got Cupid where Blitzen should be."


What did Kris show the parade Santa how to do?

Kris saw the parade Santa struggling with the whip and went over to give him pointers on how to use it. Because they filmed the movie at the actual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, they could only shoot the scenes once.


Why did the first parade Santa get fired?

"You've been drinking…You oughta be ashamed of yourself. Don't you realize there are thousands of children lining the streets waiting to see you?"


What time was Macy's parade?

Macy's parade was advertised as beginning at 10:00. As of 2016, the parade starts an hour earlier and is aired officially on NBC and unofficially on CBS.


What was the name of Mrs. Walker's daughter?

"Hello, Mrs. Walker." "Where's Susan?"


Finish the quote "But—but, maybe he's only a little crazy like painters or composers or—or ___________."

"But—but, maybe he's only a little crazy like painters or composers or—or some of those men in Washington. We can't be sure until he's been examined."


What had the baseball player balloon been in the previous year's parade?

The Bobo the Hobo clown balloon made several changes throughout his Macy's career. After being a clown, he became a baseball player, then a policeman and finally a firefighter.


What happened to Mrs. Walker's husband?

"I never met my father. You see, my father and mother were divorced when I was a baby."


In which month was "Miracle on 34th Street" first officially released?

Although it was a Christmas themed movie, they released it on June 4, 1947. They decided that a summer release was better because more people went to the theater during summer months. Because of that, the trailer and movie posters were ambiguous about the Christmas theme.


What language did Kris speak that made Susan wonder if he was Santa Claus?

"But when he spoke Dutch to that girl, he was so—" "Susan, I speak French, but that doesn't make me Joan of Arc."


What was the name of the place Kris Kringle lived?

According to Kris' employment card, he resided at Brooks' Memorial Home for the Aged, at 126 Maplewood Drive in Great Neck, NY. On the same employment card, he listed his place of birth as the North Pole.


Why didn't Mrs. Walker want her daughter to believe in Santa Claus and other fantasies?

"And by filling them full of fairy tales they grow up to consider life a fantasy instead of reality. They keep waiting for Prince Charming to come along. When he does, he turns out to be a—"


What was the name of the doctor from the old folks' home?

James Seay (September 9, 1914-October 10, 1992) played many minor roles in television series, such as "The Adventures of Superman," "Perry Mason" and "Lassie." He played Dr. Pierce, a character who voiced his support for Kris, in "Miracle on 34th Street."


What game were the other children playing that Susan didn't want to join because it was silly?

"I don't play much with them. They play silly games… Like today, they were in the basement playing zoo, and all of them were animals!"


Which role did Porter Hall play?

Clifford Porter Hall (September 19.1988-October 6, 1953) played Mr. Granville Sawyer, the department store psychologist. He was also in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," "Double Indemnity" and "Return to Treasure Island."


What does Mr.Gailey do for a living?

"On the contrary, Haislip, Haislip, Sherman, Mackenzie, and Haislip have been very kind to me. But, being an exceptional lawyer, I want to open my own office."


Which actress played Susan Walker?

Natalie "Wood" Zacharenko (July 20, 1938-November 28 or 29, 1981) was also in "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" and "Scudda-Hoo, Scudda-Hay" while working as Susan Walker in "Miracle on 34th Street." She had starring roles in "West Side Story" and "Rebel Without a Cause." She drowned under unexplained circumstances when she was 43.


What type of animal did Kris teach Susan to be?

"No, you mustn't be a goose. Be a monkey. See? Scratch."


What was Dr. Pierce's specialty?

Dr. Pierce specialized in geriatric psychiatry, or medicine relating specifically to the mental diseases of the aged. In the 1700s elderly or mentally ill people would have been referred to poorhouses, but, by the beginning of the 1900s, geriatrics began to be a distinct specialty. Special places for the elderly were developed, including nursing homes.


Who did Kris stay with in town?

"That's very sweet of them. Please thank them very much, but I'm going to stay with Mr. Gailey."


What was Macy's biggest rival store in the movie?

Gimbel's, which had already purchased Sak's Fifth Avenue by the time of the movie, was a major competitor against Macy's and operated directly across from them. Their real life rivalry led to such sayings as, "But would Macy's tell Gimbels?" and the slogan of Gimbels, "Select, don’t settle."


What did Susan want for Christmas?

"What could you possibly do with a house like this?" "Live in it with my mother."


What did Mr. Sawyer say was wrong with Alfred?

"So, now they do something good to make up for it, see? It's what he calls a 'guilt complex.'"


Why did Kris hit Mr. Sawyer?

They took Kris to Bellevue, one of New York's oldest hospitals, after he hit Mr. Sawyer, because the psychologist refused to leave Alfred alone. Contrary to other negative portrayals of Bellevue hospital at the time, Miracle on 34th Street gave a more positive perspective of it, with polite staff and a doctor who admitted Kris simply because he didn't pass the test.


How did Mr. Macy feel about Kris Kringle being in the mental institute?

"That's a lot of nonsense. Dangerous, my foot! Now, you get the case dropped tomorrow, or you might have another lump to match the one Kris gave you!"


Why did Kris have to go to court?

Kris had to prove his sanity in court. The district attorney in the movie case had two significant real life ties. First, as Thomas Mara, he was linked with Tim Mara, who was the owner of the New York Giants football team. When Mara's son, Tom Jr., asked for a real football, it was because of this shared name. Second, Jerome Cowen (who played Mara) had a mustache and was modeled after Thomas Dewey of the Truman vs. Dewey election fame. Dewey was famous for successfully cleaning up New York by prosecuting mobsters.


What did Mr. Gailey tell the judge he would prove?

"Oh, but he is, Your Honor… I intend to prove that Mr. Kringle is Santa Claus."


Who played Kris Kringle?

Edmund Gwenn (September 26, 1877-September 6, 1959) was regarded as Santa Claus by many of the cast during the production. When he showed up to the final cast party without the beard, several actors, including Wood, were shocked.


Who was the first person to say he believed Kris Kringle was Santa Claus on the stand?

"Mr. Macy, you're under oath. Do you really believe that this man is Santa Claus?" "…I do."


Who directed "Miracle on 34th Street"?

George Seaton (April 17, 1911-July 28, 1979) won both a Golden Globe and an Oscar for the Best Screenplay for "Miracle on 34th Street." He also won an Oscar for "The Country Girl" and was nominated for an Oscar for "The Song of Bernadette" and "Airport."


If the Judge says there is no Santa Claus, how many votes does Charles say he will get in the next election?

"But if you do [rule there is no Santa Claus], remember this: You can count on getting just two votes, your own and that district attorney's right out there."


Did Susan get her Christmas wish?

On Christmas Day, when they visited Kris at the old folks' home, Susan expected something under the tree. However, it is not until they drive home that Kris leads them a round-a-bout way past the home of Susan's dreams (which is for sale). The home is still in existence as of 2016 and can be found at 4 Derby Road, Port Washington, New York.


What did Susan do to cheer Mr. Kringle up when he was on trial?

"I'm sure he misses you—" "Then I'm going to write him a letter right now and cheer him up."


What government authority did Mr. Gailey provide to prove Kris Kringle was Santa Claus?

The Continental Congress founded the United States Post Office in 1775 and appointed Benjamin Franklin to be the first postmaster. In 1947 alone, they were responsible for handling more than 3.3 billion stamped cards and postcards.


"Faith is believing in things when _________."

"Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to." Believing in Santa, for example!


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