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"Always" is a film about love, second chances, and inspiration. Test your knowledge of Pete and his adventures before and after death. Always remember that true love can be about letting go.

In the opening scene, what knocks two fishermen out of their boat?

A Bombardier 415 plane can scoop up water on a lake, pond or ocean to fight fires. This technique should only take 12 seconds to do, if the plane is flying at 70 knots at 1,350 feet. The plane should be able to pick up 1,621 gallons of water.


What nickname does Pete call Dorinda?

Pete is going in to dump more water on the fire. Dorinda calls him Peter Saint Peter and wants to know how much fuel he has left. He worries her because he has the Evel Knievel sound to his voice. Pete replies that he just wants to blow out the one tree, Funny Face, so that he can make a wish for her birthday.


Tanker 57 loses fuel on what special day?

He thinks he's going to be able to dump water on a fire, but he overestimates the amount of fuel he has. One engine dies, then the other engine. The wind brings him into the airport.


In what year was "Always" released?

1989 was the year of student protests in Tiananmen Square. The USSR pulled out of Afganistan. George H.W. Bush was the first vice president since Martin Van Buren to become the president of the United States.


Pete and Dorinda work with people who do what?

Pete has the name of their team on the side of his plane - Fire Eaters. There are firefighters on the ground trying to contain or suppress the fire. The air support helps to suppress and allow safe passage for the workers on the ground.


Who yells at Pete that the fire trucks had to come out to meet him?

Nails is played by Ed Van Nuys. Ed started his onscreen career in 1973 by playing Frederick Wakeman in "Mr. Inside/Mr. Outside." His last onscreen role was in 2003 as Old Oxford in "The Pink House."


What does Pete give Dorinda for her birthday?

She doesn't want the present that Pete has for her. Pete throws it behind Dorinda, the box opens, and that's when she turns around to see her present. She sees a beautiful white dress and matching shoes.


What toast do Dorinda and Pete make?

Pete and Dorinda toast with beer in champagne glasses. Carl is the bartender. The toast is made after Dorinda says "I love you" and begs Pete to say it back.


What is Dorinda and Pete's song?

The song was written by Jerome Kern and Otto Harbach in 1933 for the musical, "Roberta." The song has been covered by various artists over the years. The Platters sing the version in the movie.


Al tries to talk Pete into taking a job where?

The training center in Flat Rock is in need of a new trainer. Al thinks Pete is perfect for the job. Pete doesn't think so until Dorinda confesses to him the life she wants with him. That's when he decides to take the job.


How does Pete die?

It is Pete's day off. However, two men are off sick, so he agrees to do one last run before he goes to Flat Rock. Al's engine catches on fire and he cannot put it out. Pete does a steep dive and snuffs out Al's fire. Unfortunately for Pete, his engine catches on fire, and before he can do anything about it, the plane explodes.


Who talks to Pete after he dies?

Hap appears to be a guide. She is trimming Pete's hair in the middle of the forest when he realizes he's dead. Without missing a beat, Pete asks Hap to keep his sideburns.


According to Hap, what does "Spiritus" refer to?

With divine breath, one can inspire others. They think it comes from within their head, that the inspiration is the person's idea. However, Hap says it's with divine breath that they deliver inspiration.


Pete's task is to be whose inspiration?

Pete should be giving Ted inspiration to succeed. However, Pete decides to have fun instead and inspires Ted to do some things that stunt his forward movement instead of help. By the end of the movie, Pete is offering the right inspiration.


______ the Pal is the trainer in Flat rock?

After Pete's death, Al takes the job. He loves being in charge. Al even has an assistant to help him get everything just right.


What city does Al find Dorinda in?

San Diego is Spanish for Saint Didacus. It is located on the southern coast of California. It was established in 1769 and incorporated in 1850.


What's the name of Dorinda's cat?

The orange tabby is named Linda Blair. However, it is a male cat. Linda Blair is an actress, best known for playing the lead in the horror film ''The Exorcist."


What card does Baker need to earn to fly and put out fires?

To be an Air Tanker Pilot, a person must complete a host of training. They must also obtain certifications and proof of completion. A pilot must also have 1,500 hours of flight experience on all aircraft, with 1,200 hours on Pilot-in-Command planes.


Who is in love with Ted?

Rachel is played by Marg Helgenberger. Marg started her onscreen career in 1982 by playing Siobhan Ryan Novak in the daytime soap, "Ryan's Hope." She can be seen as Samantha in "Holding Patterns."


Who plays Pete?

Early in his career, Richard Dreyfuss appeared as David Rowe III in the 1964 TV series, "Karen." His better-known roles include Matt Hooper in "Jaws" and Roy Neary in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." He can be seen as Avi in "Asher."


Pete and Baker are both in love with whom?

Ted says that he fell in love with Dorinda the first moment he saw her. He flew in on the plane "On a Wing and a Prayer" to sing Happy Birthday to Dorinda from Pete. Pete considers Dorinda to be his girl.


Who does Baker do an impression of?

John Wayne was an actor who was famous for his Westerns. He had a distinctive way of speaking. His walk was considered to be very manly. He was a top box office draw for 30 years.


During dinner with Baker, who does Dorinda talk about too much?

Unfortunately for Ted, Dorinda talks nonstop about Pete. His many daring fire runs. The way he would talk or treat her. It was a night all about Pete. Ted had enough Pete talk towards the end and Dorinda apologized for her running of the mouth.


What is Ted's call name?

It isn't stated in the film why he is called Shake and Bake. It could be because his plane would shake out the chemicals/water to put out the fire before everyone is baked. Or it could be that his first date with Dorinda was over fried chicken.


Where does Baker need to fly that is dangerous?

Ted needs to fly into the gully above the waterfall. It's dark and there's a fire on the ridge. The wind is high and it's a dangerous run.


Who steals Ted's plane and flies to save the ground crew?

Dorinda will not lose another man to the fire, so she tricks Ted and she takes the flight. Al tries to talk her into bringing plane 59 back to the airport. Pete knows she's not good enough to do this run, so he sits in and inspires her to make the right moves.


Who plays Dorinda?

Holly Hunter started on the big screen in 1981, by playing Sophie in "The Burning." She has worked steadily over the last 35 + years. She is the voice of Helen Parr/Elastigirl in the "Incredibles" movies.


Hap tells Pete the real reason she sent him back is to do what?

While in the plane with Dorinda, Pete tells her everything he should have told her while he was alive. He tells Dorinda that he loved her. He says goodbye and releases her heart to love Ted.


Dorinda lands on water. When the plane sinks, who does she see?

As the plane sinks, Pete calls out to Dorinda. She hears Pete. When she turns to find the source of his voice, he extends his hand to pull her out of the water. That is when she sees him. Once she hits the surface, Dorinda can no longer see Pete.


Who plays Al?

John Goodman started onscreen playing Fred in the 1983 TV movie, "The Face of Rage." Goodman has voiced more animated characters than any other actor to date. In 2017, he can be heard as the voice of Hound in "Transformers: The Last Knight."


Who directs the film?

Steven Spielberg is a director, producer and screenwriter behind some of the highest-grossing films in history. He is the mastermind behind "Jaws," "E.T." and "Indiana Jones." Many of his films have references to WWII.


The film is based on what story?

"A Guy Named Joe" is an MGM film, released in 1943, starring Spencer Tracy, Irene Dunne and Van Johnson. "Always" follows the same story line as the original movie, except then Pete was a reckless pilot of a B-25 Mitchell bomber during WWII.


Who plays Baker?

Brad Johnson made his first onscreen appearance on the TV show, "Dallas," in 1986. He's had a variety of roles over the last 30 years, including Buck Livingston in the 2015 film, "Nail 32."


What does Pete finally tell Dorinda?

Dorinda tells Pete several times that she loves him. Pete tells her that she knows he does too. Dorinda jumps in and asks how she is supposed to know if he never says it? Pete does yell that he loves Dorinda while he is still alive, but she never hears him.


Who plays Hap?

Audrey Hepburn made her first splash on screen in a 1949 TV movie, "Sauce Tartare." Her distinguished career lasted for decades, including her iconic role as Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Her role in "Always" was her last. Audrey died in 1993 of appendiceal cancer.


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