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During Prohibition, three brothers become bootleggers in Virginia. Their business is quite successful and runs smoothly until a deputy shows up in town. Take this quiz and find out how much you remember about the conflict between these brothers and the law.

Who does NOT play a character in the movie?

Lawless had a cast of big-name actors. Gary Oldman, Shia LaBeouf, and Tom Hardy all appeared in the movie - but not Christian Bale.


Who was not one of the three Bondurant brothers?

Jack, Howard, and Forrest grew up together in Franklin County, Virginia. That's where they started their moonshine business.


What legal business do the brothers own?

The brothers run a gas station with a restaurant inside. They use this business as a cover for selling moonshine.


Which mobster shoots a man in front of Jack?

Jack watches as two cars race through his town. Floyd Banner gets out of one of the cars and shoots a rival in the other car, killing him.


What did Maggie do before coming to Virginia?

Maggie came to Virginia from the city because she wanted a quieter life. When she arrived, she hoped to get a job at the restaurant owned by the brothers.


Which brother is the aggressive alcoholic?

Howard is known for drinking and fighting. He even attacks two cops who tried to shut down their bootlegging business.


What book is the movie based on?

The Wettest County in the World is a novel written by Matt Bondurant. It was published in 2008.


Why is the law after the brothers?

The Bondurant brothers were selling moonshine long before the law decided they wanted a cut of the profit. These three brothers aren't about to just give their money away.


Whucg character in the movie is disabled?

Cricket is Jack's best friend. He is disabled, but he is extremely smart and an excellent engineer.


Who is the deputy in charge of shutting down the brothers' moonshine business?

After the brothers refuse to pay the cops off, Charlie Rakes sets out to destroy their bootlegging operation. He is quite ruthless in his objective.


Why does Forrest fight two customers?

Two customers confront Maggie while she is waiting on them. They try to steal some moonshine. Forrest is forced to step in and handle the situation, and no one wants to be on Forrest's bad side.


Who does Jack have a crush on?

Jack develops an interest in the local preacher's daughter, but the preacher knows about the doings of Jack and his brothers. That doesn't stop Jack, though.


Which brother does Rakes beat, to send a message?

Jack runs into Charley Rakes at Cricket's house. Rakes attacks Jack and bruises his face, to send a message to the other two Bondurant brothers. Forrest and Howard aren't pleased.


What does Forrest want Jack to do, if anyone attacks him again?

After Rakes attacked Jack, Forrest makes sure Jack knows that it wasn't acceptable. He tells him that next time he'd better stand up for himself by any means necessary.


Who gets their throat cut?

Forrest kicks two men out of his restaurant for threatening Maggie. After the place is shut down, the men return and slit the throat of Forrest.


Who finds Forrest with his throat cut?

Maggie returns to the restaurant and finds Forrest in a pool of blood. She drags him into a car and drives him to the hospital.


How does Forrest think he got to the hospital?

Forrest is known for the myths that surround him. One myth is that he walked to the hospital after getting his throat cut.


Where are the two men who attacked Forrest from?

The Bondurant brothers want to expand their business, so they schedule a meeting with men from Chicago. However, these men have different intentions.


Who doesn't show up for the meeting with the two men from Chicago?

Forrest told Howard to be back at the restaurant when it was time for the meeting. However, Howard gets drunk and forgets about it.


Who is the District Attorney looking for a cut of the money from the moonshiners?

Mason Wardell is a district attorney in Virginia. He realizes the moonshiners aren't going to stop, so he tries to profit from their activities.


Who steals liquor and takes it to Chicago?

After Forrest gets his throat cut, Jack decides to take more ownership in the family business. He steals liquor that belongs to the brothers and drives it to Chicago.


Who accompanies Jack to Chicago?

Cricket is so worked up when they steal the moonshine from the other two brothers that he forgets to put fuel in the car. When they run out, Jack isn't happy.


What do they use as fuel for the car?

Cricket is disappointed in himself for forgetting to put fuel in their car, but he comes up with another idea. He puts moonshine in the gas tank, which fires the car right up.


Who does Jack meet in Chicago?

Jack intends to sell moonshine in bulk to Floyd Banner, but he is almost killed before even meeting with him. However, once he finally meets the mobster, Banner agrees to buy moonshine from the Bondurant brothers.


What does Banner give Jack?

Floyd Banner heard about the attack on Forrest. He decides to give the location of the men to Jack and tells him they are working for Rakes.


What do the Bondurant brothers send Rakes?

Forrest and Howard find the two men who slit Forrest's throat. They torture and kill the men, then send one of their testicles to Rakes as a message.


Who does Jack take to the brothers' distillation center?

After dating Bertha for a while, Jack takes her to where they make moonshine in the woods. She is impressed, but things change quickly.


Who follows Jack and Bertha to the distillation center?

Jack slips up while trying to impress Bertha, because he gives away the location of their distillation center. This is a major setback for the brothers.


Who does Rakes find hiding in the woods?

Jack tells Cricket to take Bertha and run when Rakes and his men bust them in the distillation center. However, Rakes finds the two of them hiding in the woods.


What does Rakes do to Cricket?

Rakes captures Cricket hiding in the woods. He wants to send a message to the brothers, so he snaps his neck.


Who leads the charge to kill Rakes after Cricket's death?

The Bondurant brothers get the news of Cricket's death. They are both saddened and angered. When Jack hears of Rakes' location, he sets out to kill him.


Where is Rakes when Jack goes to find him?

Rakes set up a road block at a bridge leading out of town, where he plans to capture the brothers. When Jack hears about this, he rushes out to confront him.


Who stabs Rakes?

After a shootout between the bootleggers and Rakes' men, Jack and Howard follow Rakes onto the bridge. Jack shoots him in the chest, then Howard stabs Rakes from behind.


Who does Jack marry?

After Prohibition ends, Jack and his brothers leave the bootlegging business. Determined to live a calmer life, Jack settles down with Bertha.


How does Forrest die?

The legend of Forrest ends when he dies of pneumonia, after falling into a frozen lake. Every story needs an ending, though.


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