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Eight Crazy Nights is the funny holiday film by Adam Sandler, who also stars in it. Think you know everything about the movie? Take the quiz to find out!

When Davey went to court, what did the judge sentence him to?

When Davey went to court, the judge sentenced him to community service alongside Whitey. He also informed him that if he broke any laws, he'd find himself in prison for up to ten years.


What did Whitey hope to win at the All-Star Banquet?

Whitey hoped to win a patch at the All-Star Banquet. It was something he had hoped to win for many years, and he was sure that this year he had a chance!


During his first minute on the court, what did Davey break?

During his first minute on the court, Davey broke a gym light when he kicked off his boot. He also hit a referee in the head and knocked him out with the other boot.


What game did Whitey referee?

Whitey refereed a basketball team. Davey was Whitey's assistant referee because of the sentence that the judge determined.


Where did Whitey bring Davey after his first basketball game?

Whitey brought Davey to the mall after his first basketball game. He wanted to talk some sense into Davey after the way he acted toward the kids and their families.


What was the first law that Davey broke after starting to work with Whitey?

The first law that Davey broke was when he stole peanut brittle. Whitey threatened to turn Davey in to the police, but then decided he would let this one go.


Who helped Whitey push his car out of the snow when he got it stuck?

A group of deer helped Whitey push his car out of the snow. Davey had refused to and laughed when Whitey tried to get it out by himself.


How did Davey usually spend Hanukkah?

Davey usually spent his Hanukkah at a Chinese restaurant. He had lost all the joy he had to offer as a kid and was described as "miserable."


Who helped Whitey after Davey turned him into an icicle?

The group of deer helped Whitey after Davey turned him into an icicle. They licked the ice until it melted, freeing Whitey from the cold.


When Davey was catching a bus to leave Dukesberry, what happened?

When Davey was catching a bus to leave Dukesberry, the bus broke down. It conveniently broke down just in front of the All-Star Banquet.


What did the basketball players challenge Davey to?

The basketball players challenged Davey to a game. They overheard him say that he could easily beat them alongside Whitey.


Who did Davey sub into the basketball game after Whitey was injured?

Davey subbed Benjamin into the basketball game after Whitey was injured. The other team referred to the little boy as a "spazz."


Is it true or false that Davey and Benjamin won the basketball game?

It is true that Davey and Benjamin won the basketball game. Davey told Benjamin to say something inappropriate when they won, but Benjamin's mother walked in just as he said it!


After Davey defended Whitey against the town, what did they do?

After Davey defended Whitey against the rest of the town, they too started to share stories of how they treated Whitey. Whitey always tried to help everyone out when they needed it, but no one was ever grateful for his help.


Who was Davey's crush as a kid?

Jennifer was Davey's crush as a kid. He lost her, and she grew up to get married to another man and have a son. Her husband then left her years later.


What did one of the basketball players do to Davey to get back at him after he won the game?

One of the basketball players burned down Davey's home. When Davey pulled up to the house, he had time to run in and grab the note his parents left for him.


What did Davey do to Whitey while he was cleaning out the portable toilets?

Davey pushed over the portable toilet while Whitey was cleaning them. He pushed Whitey inside and let the toilet topple down the side of the hill.


Where did Davey go after he had a fight with Eleanor and Whitey?

After having a fight with Eleanor and Whitey, Davey went to the mall. When he started yelling about Jennifer, all of the logos in the mall came to life and gave him a talking to.


What did Davey say happened to his parents?

Davey said that his parents died. Later, Whitey explains that Davey's parents had passed away in a crash on the way to watch his basketball game.


How did the logos in the mall make Davey cry?

The logos in the mall made Davey cry by making him read the Hanukkah card his parents had for him on the day that they died. The logos' plan to help Davey worked.


Who did Davey end up with at the end of the movie?

Davey ended up with Jennifer at the end of the movie. He had redeemed himself with the town, Whitey, Eleanor and Jennifer as well.


Who did Eleanor meet when she attended the All-Star Banquet with Whitey?

Eleanor met Eli Walston when she attended the banquet along with Whitey. Eli had stolen Eleanor's wig when they were young and wanted to return it to her.


Is it true or false that Whitey won the All-Star patch?

It is false. Whitey didn't win the All-Star patch although he had many people rooting for him. He was devastated but still stood up to clap for the winner.


What did Davey say when the people at the banquet finally gave him a chance to speak?

When the people allowed him to speak at the banquet, Davey told them that Whitey deserved to win the patch. Everybody mocked Whitey and laughed at him, but Davey made sure to defend him.


Where did Whitey go after losing the patch?

Whitey went to the mall after losing the patch. Whitey told the mall that he thought he would leave town along with Eleanor so that he could get a fresh start where nobody knew him.


Which famous actor wrote and starred in the movie?

Adam Sandler wrote and starred in the movie. He played the roles of the three main characters. These were the roles of Davey, Whitey and Eleanor.


What did the town do for Whitey after realizing just how important he was to the community?

After realizing how important Whitey was to their community, the whole town awarded Whitey with all of the patches from previous years. They realized just how much he deserved them.


What was Davey's one dream?

Davey's one dream was to be wished a Happy Hanukkah. Whitey helped him with his dream by wishing him a Happy Hanukkah at the end of the movie.


Where did the film get its name from?

The film got its name from a line in the song, "The Chanukah Song." The line is, "Instead of one day of presents, we get eight crazy nights!"


Why did the cops go after Davey after approaching him at his car at the beginnning of the movie?

The cops went after Davey because he didn't pay for his order at the restaurant. Davey took off running and after a chase, he was arrested.


Which song outlines the Duvall house rules?

The song "Technical Foul" describes the Duvall house rules. When Whitey invited Davey to stay with himself and Eleanor, they had to lay out the ground rules.


Where was Davey going when the Dukesberry police were after him?

Davey was going to New York City when the Dukesberry police were after him. The name of his destination can be found on the bus that he is taking.


On the first night of Hanukkah, what did some officers witness Davey trying to do?

The officers witnessed Davey trying to drink and drive on the first day of Hanukkah. When they approached Davey, he made sure to tell the officers that he wouldn't be driving that night.


What gift did Benjamin show Whitey and Davey in the mall?

Benjamin showed Whitey and Davey a Gameboy that he got for Hanukkah. Whitey thought that the Gameboy was actually an Etch-A-Sketch!


Who did Davey vote for to win the All-Star patch?

Davey voted for Whitey to win the All-Star patch. His friend had been hoping to win it for many years and he definitely deserved the patch.


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