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Ecstasy, money laundering, and partner rivalry - do you remember the trouble two crazy narcotics cops have to deal with as they investigate their current villain's crime spree?

Bad Boys II takes place in what U.S. city?

Miami is a major seaport city in the southern part of Florida. The Tequestas lived in the area for thousands of years before the Europeans arrived. The city of Miami was founded by a woman, a wealthy Cleveland native named Julia Tuttle.


To smuggle ecstasy into the U.S. it is placed into three what?

The drugs are loaded into three coffins. Those three coffins are tossed off the side of a ship. Each coffin is equipped with an inflatable buoy and tracking device so that the divers can find them.


Burnett & Lowrey work to solve what kind of crime?

A cop who works narcotics specializes in battling drug crime. They prevent illegal drug use and the manufacturing and sale of drugs to others. Many times this can call for going undercover and adopting a false identity to infiltrate a drug ring.


To bust the shipment on "X" that's coming in, Burnett & Lowrey go undercover as members of what group?

The Ku Klux Klan started in the Southern United States in the 1860s, but flamed out in the 1870s. The second group started in 1915, but died down in the mid-1940s. The third group rose in the late-1940s and is still active. Members direct violence and intimidation toward African-Americans.


During the chaos of the KKK meeting, what does Lowrey accidently do to Burnett?

Burnett is shot in one of his butt cheeks. Lowrey thinks it is a good shot because it didn't do too much damage. Lowrey makes fun of Burnett when he is in therapy.


Burnett's sister, Syd, works for which agency?

The Drug Enforcement Administration is a U.S. federal agency, under the Department of Justice, that tackles drug smuggling. The agency is solely responsible for conducting drug investigations, both in the U.S. and Internationally. The DEA was established on July 1, 1973.


Lowrey shows up to Burnett's BBQ with what helpful item?

Donut cushions are used by people who have trouble sitting comfortably, due to injury or a medical condition. Most of the time such cushions are used because of hemorrhoids. Many women use them during pregnancy. Marcus Burnett needs one because Mike Lowrey shot him in the butt.


Lowrey and Syd are in what sort of relationship?

Syd and Mike Lowrey start their romance when Mike travels to NYC to drop off a prisoner. It starts off with just dinner, but then one dinner turns into two, and so forth. Syd wants to tell Marcus, but Mike is afraid to tell him. Marcus does flip out when he finds out, but he's cool with it by the end of the movie.


Bad Boys II is a film by which director, whose films are known to be full of beautiful women and big explosions?

Michael Bay started his career as a director with the 1990 short film Vanilla Ice: I Love You. Bad Boys was his first major movie as a director. His first dual credit as a producer/director came with the film Armageddon. His next film is 2017's Transformers: The Last Knight .


Bad Boys II takes place how many years after the original movie?

In between Bad Boys I and II the men were promoted from sergeants to lieutenants. Marcus's children have grown up. Syd was not in I, but she is a main focus of II.


Who is the Russian that Syd is working undercover to nail, who is taking delivery of high quanties of "X"?

Alexei is played by a Swedish actor, Peter Stormare. Peter started his onscreen career in 1978 by playing a small part in the Swedish TV series Hur bär du dig åt, människa?! He appears in both Swedish and American productions.


During the chase scene in the first 30 minutes of the movie, cars flip over and explode, but what else flies through the air and threatens to squash Lowrey's Porsche?

The boat flies off its trailer onto the road. The boat hits plenty of cars, causing them to explode one by one. The guys stop their car until the explosions finish and then they continue the chase.


Detective Marcus Burnett is played by what actor?

Martin Lawrence started his onscreen career by playing Maurice Warfield in the TV series, What's Happening Now! He's had a long career from the '80s to the present. He can be seen as Marcus Jackson in the TV series, Partners.


After the car chase scene, when Burnett and Lowrey make it back to the police station, Captain Howard reminds the men that they must practice TNT, which stands for what?

Captain Howard cannot believe that they wrecked 22 cars and a boat. The guys say it wasn't all their fault, but also the DEA and the bad guys. When the captain finds out that they didn't get the money or the drugs, he has to do his relaxation exercises to calm down.


Who is Lowrey's "X" informant?

Icepick is played by Treva Etienne. Treva started his onscreen career by playing Horace in the 1986 TV series, Prospects. He can be seen as General Brasier in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.


The guys visit Icepick to find the man with what unusual feature?

Icepick tells the duo where to find the man with blond dreadlocks. When they get there the man is waiting for them, gun ready. The two take out a few men and then grab dreadlock dude to ask him how he knew about the drop.


When Lowrey and Burnett bust someone, they love to sing the theme sing to what TV show?

Cops is a 30-minute documentary/reality legal series that follows law enforcement officials. It premiered in March 1989. It's been on the air for nearly three decades.


What is the one word that Burnett cannot say to Lowrey?

When a part of the male anatomy is flaccid, it is soft and hanging loosely. It looks and feels unpleasant. If any human has a listless body part, it is embaressing to him or her.


Who is the Cuban drug lord shipping ecstasy to the U.S.?

Hector Juan Carlos "Johnny" Tapia is played by Jordi Mollà. Jordi started his onscreen career in 1988 in the short film, Potser no sigui massa tard. He's very popular in his home country of Spain. He will be seen as Sandro in The Music of Silence, in production in 2017.


What basketball team does Burnett support?

The Miami Heat is a professional basketball team based in Miami, Florida. It was founded in 1988. The Heat is owned by Micky Arison.


Who plays Detective Mike Lowrey?

Will Smith started his career as a rapper. In 1990 he made his first onscreen appearance, as Hawker in the ABC Afterschool Special, Hawker. He can be seen in the film Bright as Scott Ward.


How do Burnett and Lowrey get access to Tapia's house?

When the men arrive, they make the mistake of saying they are there to get the roaches. When Marcus finds out they are rats, he wants to leave. Mike and Marcus run wires in the house to hear what is going on with Tapia.


How does Tapia get Alexei to sign over control of his Florida clubs?

First Tapia puts the chopped up pieces of Alexei's partner in a tortilla chip drum, then he threatens Alexei's life. When that doesn't work, Tapia threatens the wife and son.


Who owns the mortuary and the old house that Tapia lives in while in Miami?

Donna Maria Tapia is played by Gloria Irizarry. Gloria started her onscreen career in 1968 as Lupa in Cargo of Love. She's had a variety of roles until 2005. As of early 2017, her last onscreen role was as Devil Boy's mom in Lustre.


The guys get which KKK member to help find the boat Dixie 7 and how it connects to Tapia?

Floyd Poteet is played by Michael Shannon. Michael's first role was as Young Man in the TV movie Overexposed. He is known for the role of Nelson Van Alden/George Mueller in the TV series, Boardwalk Empire. He can be seen as George Westinghouse in The Current War.


How do Mike and Marcus infiltrate Tapia's mortuary?

After Mike and Marcus sneak in, they discover that Tapia is using dead bodies to smuggle drugs and money. Mike has to work pretty hard to convince the other two officers who are waiting outside the mortuary, also dressed as ambulance workers, to run the ambulance through the wall to create a diversion.


Who accidentally ingests some of the ecstasy?

After Marcus accidentally takes some X, he and Mike have to visit Captain Howard for a warrant. Marcus cannot act normal and finally the Captain asks what's going on. After Mike tells him about the X, they put Marcus in a shower to keep his temperature down.


During the second car chase, what is flying onto Mike and Marcus' car?

The dead bodies have already had their organs removed and fluids drained, so they are the perfect vessels to stuff with drugs for transport. As Mike and Marcus chase the morgue van from the docks, the back doors open and the cadavers fly out, hitting cars.


Who plays Syd?

Gabrielle made her first onscreen appearance as Mall Girl in the 1993 TV Series, Family Matters. She has had a busy career since her first onscreen appearance, juggling the big screen and little screen. She can be seen as Mary Jane Paul in the TV series, Being Mary Jane.


Tapia kidnaps Syd and takes her to what country?

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean. It remained a colony of Spain until the Spanish–American War of 1898, which gave Cuba its independence. Since 1965, Cuba has been run by the Communist Party of Cuba.


While Syd is held captive in Tapia's compound, she is guarded by what group?

The Cuban military or Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces control 60 percent of the economy, and therefore the money, by managing hundreds of enterprises in key economic sectors. The Soviets supported the Cuban military from the late 1960s until the 1980s. In 2012, Cuba made key connections with China. In 2015, Cuba and the U.S. restored diplomatic relations.


Who plays Captain Howard?

Joe started his onscreen career as a Mugger in the 1974 movie, Road Movie. He has steadily worked from the first movie until the present. Joe can be seen as Michael Gorski in the Netflix series, Sense8.


After rescuing Syd, Mike is held at gunpoint by Tapia where?

Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, or Gitmo, is located on 45 square miles of land and water at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba. Gitmo is the oldest overseas U.S. Naval base, with the United States leasing the space starting in 1903. After the 1959 Cuban Revolution, Cuba complained about the U.S. presence.


What does Marcus use to rescue Mike?

Mike hits Tapia in the middle of the forehead. Tapia is in a minefield when he's shot. He falls back on a mine and blows up.


At the end of the movie, what breaks again?

Marcus' new pool breaks, sending Mike and Marcus into the river. The partners sing the Bad Boys theme song. Marcus comes to terms with Mike dating Syd, then all is well between the partners.


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