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"The Last of the Mohicans" (1992) was one of several movies based on the book of the same title by James Fenimore Cooper. How well do you remember "The Last of Mohicans"? Find out by taking this quiz.

At the beginning of the movie, why were the three Mohicans running?

Much research went into the filming of the movie. The director used real native languages throughout the film to help with the authenticity as well as casting natives in the roles, including the role of the French general who was played by a French actor.


Under what condition did the Americans agree to fight with the British?

"I can't imagine His Majesty, in all his benevolence, would ever object to his loyal American subjects defending their hearth and home, their women and children… Of course [they will be granted leave]."


The movie took place during which war?

The French and Indian war is known as the Seven Years War or La guerre del la conquête (The War of the Conquest) outside of the United States. It began in 1754 when the British tried to remove the French from the Ohio River Valley and other American territories. It ended in 1763.


Finish the quote: "You call yourself a patriot and loyal subject to the Crown?"

"You call yourself a patriot and loyal subject to the Crown?" "I do not call myself subject to much at all."


What were the names of Captain Munro's daughters?

Although the director paid attention to details such as language, many of the attitudes were modern. The romances that occur are changed slightly from the book, in which Cora is mulatto.


What was the name of the Native American guide who betrayed Captain Munro and wanted to kill his family?

"You there, uh, what does Munro call you? The Scotsman has sent you one of his Mohawk allies to guide you." "Magua."


Magua said he was Mohawk but to which tribe did he truly belong?

Although the Huron spoke the same language as the Iroquois tribes, like the Mohawk, they were their enemies. The alliance between the French and Huron began in 1608.


Why did Uncas get rid of the horses after the initial Huron ambush?

"Too easy to track. They'll be heard for miles. Find yourself a musket."


What did they find at the site of the burned out cabin?

Although set in the Ohio River Valley, the filming took place in North Carolina. North Carolina still contains some of the virgin forests that would have been seen around Fort William Henry.


When the pursuing French and American Indians outnumbered the ladies, Mohicans, and Heyward on their way to Fort William Henry, why did the pursuers turn back without attacking?

"Why did they turn back?" "Burial ground."


When they first arrived at Fort William Henry, what was happening?

The British built Fort William Henry on the south side of Lake George. It was then known to the French as Lac du Saint Sacrament and the natives as Andi-ta-rocte. The French had forts on the north side of the lake.


How did Hawkeye learn English?

"My father sent Uncas and I to Reverend Wheelock's school when I was 10, so we would know both worlds."


Who played Hawkeye?

To prepare for the role, Daniel Day-Lewis (born April 29, 1957) spent a week in the wilderness with experts, learning to survive and load his gun on the run. He carried his 12-pound gun with him on and off the set to develop a naturalness about it and help him remain in character.


Why was Colonel Munro upset about seeing his daughters at the fort?

"I told you to stay away. Why did you disobey me girls?"


Where did Cora help when she arrived at Fort William Henry?

In addition to having modern ideas about romance and women, the film also misportrayed some of the colonists. At the time, the American colonists would have seen the British as helping them and would not have exhibited quite as much insubordination and independence. The Americans began to disrespect their British heritage when the King attempted to make them pay for the war through excessive taxes that he imposed afterward.


Finish the quote "There is a war on. How is it you are headed west?"

"There is a war on. How is it you are headed west?" "Well, we kind of face to the north and real sudden-like turn left."


Which actor played Magua?

Wes Studi (born December 17, 1947) is a Cherokee who also appeared in "Dances With Wolves," "Geronimo," and "The New World." Before becoming an actor, he was an American Indian activist and served 18 months in Vietnam.


According to the movie, how far away was Webb from Fort William Henry?

"Webb's not in Albany. He marched the 60th to Fort Edward two days ago." "...That's only 12 miles away."


How did the Mohicans and the girls escape the ambush that occurred after evacuating the British fort?

The initial budget of $33 million was exceeded by $7 million because of things like building Fort William Henry to the actual dimensions of its floor plan. Still, the movie did well in theaters grossing $75.5 million domestically.


When asked what he saw at John Cameron's cabin how did Major Heyward respond?

"I saw nothing that would lead me to the conclusion it was other than a raid by savages bent on thievery." "You're a liar!"


Once they left the fort, what happened to the British column?

In real life, after Lt. Col. George Munro surrendered to Louis-Joseph de Montcalm at the end of a 6-day siege, the natives allied to the French invaded the fort and massacred 250 of those there on August 10, 1757 (about 1000 escaped). The attack was much more grisly with fires that burned two days and could be seen from Fort Edward—16 miles away.


How did Colonel Munro punish Hawkeye for helping the colonists return to their homes?

"He is guilty of sedition. He must be tried and hanged like any other criminal, regardless of what he did for my children."


What terms did Colonel Munro agree to surrender to the French?

There have been nine previous American film adaptations of the book. The National Film Registry listed the 1920 silent film version in 1995 as a film worth preserving. Director Mann based his version off the 1936 adaptation because he did not like the book.


How many reinforcements did Webb send to Fort William Henry?

"To Colonel Munro, Sir, I regret to inform you that I have no men available to send to your rescue… I advise you to seek terms for surrender. I remain Jerome Webb at Fort Edward."


What did Magua do to Colonel Munro to kill him?

American Indian warfare was different from British warfare. While the British fought in open areas, natives preferred wooded areas with cover. This gave the French an advantage at the beginning of the war.


Why did Hawkeye leave the girls at the waterfall?

"There's no powder. If we don't go in that, there's no chance. None — do you understand?"


Where did the escaping group find to hide by the river?

Cooper's daughter stated that the inspiration for the novel came from a trip in the wilderness to Glen's Falls, New York, and a friend's comment that someone should write a romance set in the caves there. Today, the falls are regulated by a dam just before them.


What did Magua initially want to do with Heyward?

"Magua will sell the English officer to the French. And the reward is my gift to you, wise one."


Which actress played Cora?

Madeleine Stowe (born August 18, 1958) got her first significant role in the movie "Stakeout" (1987). More recently she has appeared in "Revenge" (1990), "12 Monkeys" (1995), and "We Were Soldiers" (2002).


What language did Heyward translate for Hawkeye?

"I don't speak Huron. Do you speak French, Major? Translate for me in French every word as I say it."


How did Heyward die?

War captives could meet two fates depending on the needs of the tribe. If the tribe had suffered many losses, captives were adopted to take the place of those who had died. Some captives, however, were tied to a stake, scalped, and then burned to death.


Finish the quote: "That reason [to stay] wear a striped skirt and work in the surgery?"

"That reason [to stay] wear a striped skirt and work in the surgery?" "It does. No offense, but it's a better-looking reason than you, Jack."


How did Alice die?

Mark Twain was a critic of James Fenimore Cooper's writing saying, "Cooper hadn't any more invention than a horse; and don't mean a high-class horse, either; I mean a clothes- horse." Even director Mann believed the book was "not very good."


Who was Uncas trying to save when he was killed?

The name Mohican seems to mix two tribes: the Mohegan (Connecticut) and the Mahican (upstate New York). Uncas was a sachem, or chief, of the Mohegan's who formed an alliance with the British. His name meant "fox." However, the Mahican inhabited the area of New York where the story took place.


Who killed Magua?

Russell Means (1939 - 2012) first gained recognition as a prominent leader of the early American Indian Movement (AIM), but internal disagreements split the group after his resignation in the 70s. "The Last of the Mohicans" was his first film appearance. Mann asked him to take the role because of his activism.


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