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"Terms of Endearment" was originally shot on a tight budget of only $8 million. The film won many awards and focused on a 30-year relationship between mother and daughter. How well do you remember "Terms of Endearment?" Find out by taking this quiz.

What did Aurora do when her baby was asleep?

Albert Brooks (born July 22, 1947) did the off-screen voice of the dad when Aurora was waking her baby. The part was ad-libbed, and he never appeared in the movie.

Finish the quote "He can't even do the simple things ______________________."

"Why should I be happy about being a grandmother?" "Does this mean you won't be knitting the baby any booties?"

What were Emma and Patsy doing while listening to Ethel Merman?

Many scenes were inspired by Rockwell paintings. The Ethel Merman scene was based on "Prom Dress" and "Double Take."

What important thing did Aurora tell Emma the night before her wedding?

"Then I came to grips with the reason why I couldn't think of a wedding gift… Emma, I'm totally convinced if you marry Flap Horton tomorrow, it will be a mistake of such gigantic proportions, it will ruin your life and make wretched your destiny."

Danny DeVito played which character?

Daniel Michael DeVito, Jr. (born November 17, 1944) had worked with the director, James L. Brooks, on the television series, "Taxi." Brooks asked him to perform the role of Vernon as a favor.

Who moved next door to Aurora?

"Hey, aren't you going to wait and see if the astronaut shows up?" "Oh, they've got one on every corner in Houston."

What was Emma and Flap's first shack mostly filled with?

Larry McMurtry wrote the book on which the movie was based. He lived near where the scenes set in Houston were filmed and helped find some locations, such as the garage apartment where the Hortons first lived.

How did Aurora feel about becoming a grandmother?

Jack Nicholson was really drunk during the scene when Aurora went outside. He felt that was the best way to do drunk scenes. There came a point when he went up to the director and told him he had only one more take left in him.

What did Emma name her first son?

"Tommy, show me your belly… He's adorable. Look at him."

Who played Emma?

At first, they were uncertain about hiring Debra Winger (born May 16, 1955). Then she wanted to back out because of the film's comedic aspect. Throughout many scenes she spent her time trying to get Shirley MacLaine to break character, which developed into a unique on-screen relationship.

Where did Vernon and Aurora first meet?

"…Isn't she something? Here she comes. I met her two weeks ago at church. I guess you might say she's God's gift to Vernon Dahlart."

Where was the only place Flap could get an associate professorship?

They really wanted to create this movie with the same number of laughs as a comedy. The struggle came with trying to present cancer realistically, while maintaining the humor.

Finish the quote "Why should I be happy about ______________________?"

"Why should I be happy about being a grandmother?" "Does this mean you won't be knitting the baby any booties?"

At the store when they can't afford groceries, what does Tommy protest they are not getting?

The scene in the grocery store was based on something that really happened to the director in New York. He was behind a woman who had run out of money, and he felt that would make a great addition to the movie.

What is the first thing that happens that makes Emma suspect Flap is having an affair?

"Where have you been all night, Flap? …I'm on to you."

What actor played Garrett Breedlove?

Jack Nicholson had previously teamed up with Danny DeVito in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." In order to get him for the movie, they had to reschedule rehearsals around the L. A. Lakers' basketball games.

What birthday did Aurora tell the guys she was having?

"And so, another birthday for a gal named Aurora Greenway. Even though 50, she still takes my breath away."

Who didn't believe Aurora was only 50 years old?

They kept changing the paint and some of the décor to help show time passing. The book focused on how unsuitable the suitors were and that is the driving force behind Aurora seeking out Garrett.

With whom does Emma have an affair?

"Mrs. Horton, I-I'm Sam Burns from the bank. I turned down on the second on your house."

After their first lunch together, where did Garrett take Aurora?

The dress Aurora wore was not supposed to get wet because of the fabric. They could only afford three of them, so they had to keep drying them carefully between shots. When the dress was designed, the beach scene was not in the script.

What famous painting hung in Aurora's bedroom?

"I've been trying to decide what-what wedding gift to get. I thought of that Renoir that my mother gave me. But I couldn't reach a conclusion."

How did Garrett decorate his house?

One of the astronauts they visited for research kept all his astronaut memorabilia in the kitchen. Much of what Nicholson said about being an astronaut came from actual astronaut experiences.

What did Emma do when she first caught Flap with the student?

"I'm taking the car, and I'm gonna take the kids. I'm gonna go to Houston."

Which of the kids does Emma say looks like Aurora?

The baby actually had red hair like Aurora. The crew was amazed at how well she did during the filming.

Why did Flap say he took the job in Nebraska?

"I've been offered a job… It’s, um, it's head of the English Department at Kearney State College for about the same money."

What was the real reason Flap moved his family to Nebraska?

The scene was shot at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. There is a branch of the University of Nebraska in Kearney, but shooting did not take place there.

Why did Emma go to see the doctor?

"Tell you what. If you see Flap, tell him that his wife and his baby went to the doctor's to get their flu shots, all right? Why don't you do that?"

What did the doctor find wrong with Emma?

Brooks knew several people with cancer and wanted to give them an onscreen voice. He did extensive research to portray them.

Where did Patsy take Emma after her diagnosis?

"Emma, I want you to come to New York for a visit. My treat."

How did Emma like New York?

The New York scene in the restaurant was done to show the contrast between city and country. It is the first time the word "cancer" was used in the movie, and they set up Patsy's spit scene to try to get a laugh and keep the movie light.

Why did Aurora freak out in the hospital and start yelling at the nurses?

"Excuse me. It is after ten. Give my daughter the pain shot."

Who wants to take Melanie and raise her?

The hotel where Aurora stayed was the same hotel where Brooks stayed. In that scene, Aurora's skirt changes between the time she walks past the front desk and the time she walks past the pool.

Where did Emma want her kids to go?

Aurora makes a costuming transition that supports her character. When she was involved with Garrett in the middle of the movie, she wore frills and fluffy outfits. She wears more practical clothing.

What kind of dance lessons does Melanie tell Garrett she wants?

The final scene was shot in the middle of filming. At one point, the director thought about bringing the character of Sam Burns back for the funeral reception, but decided against it. John Lithgow, who played Burns, was filming "Footloose" at the time and was loaned from that set for only a few days to film his part in "Terms of Endearment."

Where does Garrett take Tommy during the funeral reception?

"Want to see my pool? …Come on. I'll show you the internationally infamous, uh, Breedlove crawl."

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