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Test your knowledge of the cult comic series!

The comic follows this preacher who has lost his faith.

In the new AMC television adaptation of Preacher, Jesse, a Texan, is portrayed by English actor Dominic Cooper.


Which DC Comics imprint published Preacher?

Other Vertigo titles include The Sandman, Hellblazer, and The Saga of the Swamp Thing.


What century-old Irish vampire does Jesse team up with early in the series?

Later in the series, we learn that Cassidy took part in the 1916 Easter Uprising in Ireland, and he "dies" shortly thereafter.


What is the name of the entity that inhabits Jesse early in the series?

Genesis gives Jesse the power of the Word of God, forcing anyone who hears him invoke the word to obey his command.


How does the comic book indicate when Jesse is speaking in the Word of God?

The red text is an allusion to the Biblical tradition that prints the words of Jesus in red.


What comedian popular in the 1980's and 90's does Jesse reminisce about seeing perform in the comic?

Hicks was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but continued to tour until close to his death. Jesse expresses admiration for Hicks willingness to tell the truth as he saw it, regardless of the consequences.


Who do the angels send to extract Genesis from Jesse?

The Saint of Killers is a Confederate veteran who was originally consigned to hell but is later offered to take the job of reaping souls from the Angel of Death.


For what organization does Herr Starr work?

In the world of Preacher, Jesus did not die on the cross. He lived to be 43 and produced offspring. The goal of The Grail is to preserve Christ's bloodline and keep it pure.


What writer of such comics as Judge Dredd and Punisher created and wrote Preacher?

Ennis was born in Northern-Ireland and, perhaps unsurprisingly given the material in Preacher, he is an atheist.


Who is Sheriff Root's son?

Arseface ends up deformed after attempting to kill himself with a shotgun, like his hero Kurt Cobain.


What is the name of The Grail's fortress?

Mosada was a fortress where a group of Israelites fought off the Romans until it became clear they would be overrun and committed suicide. Modern Israel also names their intelligence agency after the site.


Where does the "War in the Sun" from issues 34-40 take place?

The area has been featured in numerous media, including many John Ford westerns.


In what Texas town does Jesse serve as sheriff?

Salvation, Texas is not a real town, although a film by the same name was released in 2008.


Who illustrated Preacher?

The English illustrator got his start working on Dr. Who comics.


Who saved Jesse from death during the War in the Sun?

After saving Jesse's life, God asks him to give up his quest, but Jesse refuses.


What character owns a meat processing plant and takes a prurient interest in his product?

Quincannon is played by Jackie Earl Haley on the AMC series. However, they have not portrayed any sexual activities with the meat...yet.


Which of the following is *not* one of the Chunt Brothers, a cannibalistic clan who capture Starr?

Starr ultimately escapes, but not before the Chunts eat his leg.


Which of the following is *not* a power that the Saint of Killers possesses?

He can't fly, but he cannot be destroyed, even by a nuclear weapon!


Which character does Jesse order to "go fuck himself" using the Word of God?

After hearing the command, Sheriff root cuts off his own penis and sodomizes himself with it. He commits suicide shortly thereafter.


What is wrong with The Messiah kept by The Grail?

The Messiah's idiocy leads Starr to conclude that he cannot unite the world after the apocalypse, so Starr has him killed.


Who is Jesse's imaginary friend?

The Duke seems like a manifestation of John Wayne, his father's hero. However, The Duke can also be interpreted as the spirit of Jesse's father, John Custer.


Who serve as enforcers for Jesse's grandmother, Marie L'Angelle?

Jody killed Jesse's father John in front of Jesse when he was five years old. Jesse later gets revenge by strangling Jody to death.


Who captures Jesse, dresses him as an SS officer, and ties him to a bed with the intent of raping him?

Miss Outlast is Odin Quincannon's lawyer and secretly a dominatrix.


Who is the Saint of Killers first victim?

After giving the Saint revolvers that will kill anything, the Devil insults the Saint and seals his fate.


Of what war is Jesse's father John a veteran?

John served as a Marine in Vietnam, where he received a Zippo lighter from John Wayne that was engraved with the words "Fuck Communism."


Which character hosts debauched parties that include drugs, zoophilia, and pedophilia?

The last name "DeSade" comes from the Marquis DeSade, a French nobleman during the French Revolution, who glorified deviant sexual acts.


What Alanis Morissette song does Arseface cover?

The subject of "You Oughta Know" has been much debated over the years, but many people believe Morissette wrote it about Dave Coolier, who played Uncle Joey on Full House and briefly dated Morissette.


What does Jesse order Hoover to do using the Word of God?

The comic shows him reach three million grains before freeing himself of the command, which seems like a low number for the grains of sand on a beach.


Who does Starr kill in a coup d'etat to seize control of The Grail?

Before the coup, D'Aronique is the leader of The Grail and also a distant relative of Jesse!


Preacher ran from 1995 to what year?

The final monthly issue, number 66, ran in October 2000.


Where does Jesse have his final showdown with Cassidy and Starr?

American legends including Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and William Travis were all killed during the Battle of the Alamo in 1836.


Who does *not* die (at least temporarily) in the final showdown?

Starr kills Jesse, but is then killed by Tulip, while Cassidy commits suicide by standing in sunlight.


Who kills God?

The Saint of Killers kills God as revenge for fating him to become death.


In the late 1990's, Garth Ennis approached this creator of Jay and Silent Bob about financing and adaptation of Preacher, but it never came to fruition.

The adaptation would have been produced by Smith's View Askew Productions, which has released such films as Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy.


What writer and star of Pineapple Express adapted Preacher as an AMC television show?

Rogen and his frequent co-writer Evan Goldberg read the series in the '90s and have wanted to adapt it for many years.


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