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Dark Shadows was a melodramatic show that aired weekdays in the late 1960s. What do you remember about the Dark Shadows television series?

What happened to Josette du Pres (Collins)?

“Suddenly with a last surge of energy, she broke free and hurdled herself off the cliff… The lover descended to the bottom of Widow’s Hill and found her body broken, lifeless, bloodless.”


Whose child is David Collins presumed to be?

Although Roger frequently questioned whether David was his son or Burke’s son, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard was certain David was Roger’s child. Beyond the fact that David looked like the Collins and was identical to Collins children in the past, the question was never completely resolved.


Where does Dark Shadows take place?

Collinsport was a fictional town on the coast located near Bangor, Maine.


What show replaced Dark Shadows?

Although Dark Shadows was a low-budget show, game shows were cheaper to produce. During the economic downturn of the 1970s many shows were cut on ABC and replaced with game shows.


Which two characters were portrayed by the same actors throughout the run of the show and appeared in both the first and last episodes?

Because of the nature of the show, many characters came and went. However, Roger and Elizabeth appeared in both the first and last episodes. In addition, they were played by the same actors throughout the run of the show.


What type of show was Dark Shadows?

Shot quickly because as a soap opera it aired daily, there are many errors audience members noticed, such as cameras in some shots, crew members walking through scenes, and flubbed lines.


Which character narrated the show until she was written out in the third season?

Originally, the series revolved around Victoria Winters. However, she was a new actress and the plot lines were not strong enough to survive on her acting ability.


Which actor played Barnabas Collins?

Jonathan Frid was a Canadian actor who was only supposed to play Barnabas for a short length of time and then the character would be killed off. However, the character of Barnabas was so popular the ratings spiked, and he became a key part of the show.


What does Sam Evans do for a living?

Frequently during the serious, people would commission Sam to do artwork for them in hope of buying his secrecy or loyalty.


What was the alternate time-band called?

Parallel time was accessible through a rift in the East Wing of the Collinwood Great Mansion. It was different from the time travel to the future and past which occurred on the stairway or using I-Ching.


Where did Barnabas live once released from his prison?

“I’d like to live in the Old House… such a beautiful old structure standing there so sadly empty and lonely.”


Victoria Winters was based on which book’s title character?

After having a dream about a girl on a train, creator Dan Curtis developed an entire story line around that character using the book Jane Eyre for inspiration.


Which Leviathan leader went through three forms before assuming a human adult form?

When Philip and Megan Todd opened the box given them by Barnabas, they called the baby that appeared “Joseph.” However, the baby grew so quickly they had to make new names for him to avert suspicion: Alexander, Michael Hackett, and finally Jebes when he attained adulthood.


Which writer wrote the first 40 episodes and most of the first season?

Art Wallace was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for his work on The ABC Afternoon Playbreak and won one for his work on All My Children.


From which malady did Quentin Collins suffer?

When Quentin Collins killed his wife Jenny (the sister of the Gypsy woman Magda), Magda cursed him and his male descendants to be werewolves.


Where does Barnabas say he is from?

“So there’s a whole branch of the Collins family is flourishing in England, and I never knew of it.” “Flourishing may hardly be the word for it. Alas, I am the sole remaining member.”


Before coming to treat Barnabas, where did Dr. Julia Hoffman work?

Dr. Hoffman was the head psychiatrist (and also a blood specialist) at Windcliff Sanitarium, which was located 100 miles from Collinsport. Maggie Evans went to the facility twice (although the second time was probably erased by changing past events), and Willie Loomis went once.


What position did Victoria Winters fulfill at Collinwood?

She was hired to be a governess to David. Although David’s first words to her were that he hated her, he eventually grew to care for her.


Who was the Phoenix?

Laura Collins was originally supposed to be reborn every 100 years. However, after Barnabas went back to 1867, her rebirth by fire occurred more frequently.


Who wrote the Dark Shadows soundtrack?

Robert Cobert created a television soundtrack for Dark Shadows that broke the top 20 national album chart and remains one of the best selling soundtracks ever.


Who was missing one hand and had horrible eyesight?

Count Andreas Petofi wore thick, purple glasses to correct his eyesight even though he was a very powerful warlock. He used a wooden hand because the gypsies had stolen his real hand.


What was Carolyn’s dad’s name?

When Carolyn was young, her father wanted to leave her mother, and they argued. Elizabeth thought she had killed him on that night and almost married his friend to keep it a secret. However, the friend and Paul Stoddard were merely making Elizabeth think she had killed her husband.


What did Dr. Peter Guthrie find in several graves that proved his theory?

“What do you see?” “What you thought we would see—nothing, absolutely nothing.”


What protected Quentin Collins?

Count Andreas Petofi had a portrait of Quentin made that protected him from changing into a werewolf.


During which Dark Shadows time period did the series end?

The series ended in an alternate version of 1841 where Barnabas had never been a vampire and had already lived and died. The twisting plot involved many Collins family members trying to kill each other as part of a lottery with the winner spending the night in a ghost filled room.


Who married Josette du Pres?

When Barnabas refused to carry on his relationship with Angelique, she hexed Jeremiah Collins and made him fall in love with and marry Josette, Barnabas’ fiancée.


The plotline that followed a Frankenstein type story was known as what?

Dr. Hoffman creates Adam with the help of Dr. Lang so that Adam can cure Barnabas. Adam demands they create an Eve for him, but once she is created, he ends up killing her and leaves to start a new life on his own.


What relationship does Sarah Collins have to Barnabas?

Sarah Collin’s died shortly after discovering that Barnabas was a vampire. As a ghost, she continues to try to help those suffering from Barnabas’ curse, including Barnabas himself.


Which year did the last season of Dark Shadows air?

The final episode aired April 2, 1971. Although it was numbered 1245, it was really the 1225th episode produced because some episodes received two or three numbers to keep them ending the week on a “5” or “0.”


What was the name of Collinwood’s caretaker?

Matthew was only loyal to Elizabeth Stoddard Collins and was frightened to death when he tried to kill Victoria Winters because she knew he was a murderer.


What was the name of Quentin’s first wife in the alternate timeline of 1970?

Angelique Stokes was Quentin's first wife and died during a séance. However, she came back from the grave by sucking the warmth from (and killing) her sister Alexis (whose body was burned in place of Angelique’s body).


To which year is Victoria Winters transported and hung as a witch because of her knowledge of future events?

“You are an odd girl. It’s 1795 of course.”


How does Dr. Dave Woodard die?

When Dr. Woodard discovers Barnabas is a vampire, Barnabas kills him by injecting him with a substance that gives him a heart attack.


Which actress portrayed the character of Angelique Bouchard (Collins)?

Lara Parker also appeared in many other television shows including One Life to Live, Capitol, Kojak, and Alice.


What nationality are Magda and Sandor Rakosi?

Magda wanted Barnabas to release Sandor so they could flee with Magda’s sister, Jenny, back to the Gypsies.


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