What Dark Power Are You Dying to Use?

By: Ian Fortey
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Why is it that the dark side always looks so much cooler than the light? Sure, we know the good guy is almost always going to win in the end, and often we'll be cheering for them along the way, but there's something compelling about those on the other side. A good hero needs a good villain, and a good villain needs to have depth. They also need a degree of style that's hard to overlook. Luke Skywalker was a great guy and all, but when we meet him he's wearing casual beach bum clothes. When we meet Darth Vader, he looks like Darth Vader. The dark side knows how to make darkness look good. 

And their powers are just as enticing! So often the good guy just has to persevere until the very end, when he's suddenly able to overcome the guy who's been shooting eye lasers and flaming snakes the whole time. Dark powers are cool powers. Don't feel bad about acknowledging that.

Since the powers of darkness are so enticing, it's pretty normal that anyone would have devoted some time and effort to considering which kind they'd be wielding if they could choose. Tell us a bit about your dark side, and we'll determine which dark power you're just dying to use. Take the quiz and see!

The term "dark power" is pretty vague. What do you think would be the best source for your dark abilities?

You can be dark but not be evil, if you don't want to be. Do you want to be evil?

If you had access to some dark powers, what would you use them for?

Which monsters from movies do you relate to the most?

Where's the Sorting Hat putting you at Hogwarts?

Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Do you think there are people in the world with real psychic abilities?

If you hear a loud thump from elsewhere in the house when no one else is home, what's the first thing you think?

Do you think there's life on another world out there somewhere?

When you were a kid, did you think there were monsters living somewhere in your house?

What's the absolute best part about Halloween?

Witches are famous for having familiars. Which of these animals would you enlist as yours?

There are some amazing horror franchises out there. Which is your favorite?

Movies are all well and good, but is there a dark TV show you like more than the others?

Are you afraid of the dark?

Have you ever sat around a campfire and told ghost stories?

Do you feed off the energy of a crowd, or are you more comfortable alone?

Has anyone ever accused you of being goth or emo, whether or not you agreed with them?

Do you ever find yourself writing poetry?

What villain from the Marvel Cinematic Universe do you think had the right idea overall?

Not saying you are a villain – but if you were, what kind of villainous lair would you have?

Have you ever started a physical fight with someone in your life?

Do you think that people are inherently good?

What do you feel is your greatest strength in life?

There are plenty of different ways to get a job done in life. What's your ideal working situation?

Do you remember what your dreams were like the next morning?

Would you be able to survive on your own if you were thrust into some kind of post-apocalyptic, end-of-the-world scenario?

Are you the kind of person who will do something crazy like go on a spontaneous road trip?

Have you ever utterly flamed someone on social media?

If you had dark powers, would you use them openly or would you be more low key?

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